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Pinterest advice

(Susana M) #1

Hi all… I would appreciate some advice on Pinterest, I have joined and played around with it creating some boards of things I like but how do I use it to promote my Folksy shop. I have made a board with some of my Folksy items but not really sure what to do with it. I might be showing my age as social media is a mystery to me but got to learn fast as it seems to be a useful tool…many thanks for any help… Sue

(Heidi Meier) #2

Hello - as with any of these sharing social sites, they are great places to display your products, and sometimes this happens without you even needing to do anything. However, from what I read from others, the best way to maximise something like Pinterest is to blog or tweet or post items on your Facebook page, with the ultimate aim of getting people to share your pictures. The idea is that the more people who see your products, the more likely they are to buy. Other than that, I am far from being an expert but wish you luck!

(Susana M) #3

Thank you, my knowledge of social media to promote sales is next to zero so any advice is great at the moment…so maybe I should be looking at Facebook at the same time then…oh so confusing, I shall be dreaming of followers, followings, posts, pins, likes and thats even before the dos and don’ts register too x

(Kim Blythe) #4

With Pinterest you need to start following other people and then liking and re pinning other peoples pins. They will then look at yours,and if they like your boards they will follow them and then anything you pin then appears in their newsfeed. The more people that follow you, the more people that see your stuff…and if they re pin your things then their followers will see them…


(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

Also people do searches on pinterst when looking for something so that’s a great thing as well.
just use your pin it icon/button next to your folksy items and keep adding all the time.

Join in the Weekly listing thread in the Showcase part of this forum. Read the top post on the thread and you’ll find we all pin each other’s items so they get spread more on pinterst. More times one of your items is pinned or repined the more likely it is to be seen by people browsing pinterest…

(Susana M) #6

Thanks for all the advice I will keep at it…Sue x

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #7

Pinterest can be good fun. Just a note though - I have started to include the words “by LizzieMade Hand Bound Books” at the end of the description on everything of my own that I pin. Things get re-pinned, then re-pinned again… if there isn’t anything in your description, it’s unlikely that others will bother to say who made it. Pinterest should carry the original link forward, with the re-pin, but it’s nice to know that others will (hopefully) see you named as the maker, in the description text.

(Susana M) #8

Hi Lizzie thanks for that I will go back and add my name onto them. I haven’t quite worked out how the pinning and re-pinning of my stuff works yet but you’re right its a fun site, so many interesting things to look at and I’m only on day 3 of being on there…Sue x