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(Linda Austin) #2165

I love Edgar Allan Poe

pinning to my folksy sellers - promote folksy board

(aneeya) #2166

Debby seems to have been missed in the sequence so I have pinned two items. I’ve pinned this cute bear from @Bearlescent and this lovely dragonfly necklace from @jewelleryandjangles to my Folksy highlights and delights board.

(Linda Austin) #2167

Glad you have us back on track @aneeya

(Debby Coatham) #2168

Aww thank you @aneeya :blush:

(XStitcherJoss) #2169

I’ve just loved and pinned this gorgeous tile from @aneeya to my Things to Buy board.

(steffiesvintagevaluables) #2170

I’ve just pinned this beautiful Noah’s Ark shawl to my Handmade from Folksy board.

(Lynn Britton) #2171

Pinned this lovely lamp shade to my Handmade Folksy board

(Thecraftycurioshop) #2172

I love this bag from Lynn. I have pinned it to my Folksy Finds - Birds board.

(NeonneLuna) #2173

Added this adorable bunny bag from @Thecraftycurioshop to my Fab on Folksy - Handmade board (Fabric Creations Section)

(Sweet Pea) #2174

Love these purple notecards. Pinned to my animal themed gifts board.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #2175

Popping this lovely bag into my Folksy favourite board

(Tina Martin) #2176

I’ve saved this lovely tea cozy on my ‘Lovely things on Folksy’ board.

(ArtilyEverCrafter) #2177

Hi all,
I was just looking through @thistledownandHOPE when @DaisyWings popped up so I still have a beautiful Tulip knitted coat-hanger on my Folksy Creations Pinterest board, but now I also have a lovely print of a long tailed tit, added to the same board.
Beautiful work everyone :smile:

(Linda Austin) #2178

I love themoon and this is gorgeous from @ArtilyEverCrafter

Pinned to my Promote Folksy Board

(Dee Brett) #2179

Love the little skulls on these glass charms…pinned to my Folksy Gorgeousness board

(Suzzie Godfrey) #2180

Pinning this heart to my Folksy favourite board

(Lynn Britton) #2181

Love Suzzie’s shop, this gorgeous padded coathanger is just perfect for that very special dress

(aneeya) #2182

Perfect for a day at the beach in this gorgeous weather. Pinned to my Folksy highlights and delights board.