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Pizza toppings

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

What do you like to put on your pizza?I like to put on Cheese and tomatoes with spinache olives and

(Chantal Hanna) #2

I love pepperoni and chillis! The hotter the better

(Claire Davis) #3

I love lots of veggie toppings on mine, even though I eat meat. I hate the ones that are just covered in loads of different types of meat! My husband likes those ones, but can’t stand mushrooms so if I’m making a pizza myself I usually have to make half and half!

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Mushrooms, sweetcorn, chives or spring onions, cherry tomatoes, pineapple, red pepper…mmmm I’m feeling rather peckish now!

(Donna) #5

ooooh Asda’s American Sizzler is my favourite, lots of pepperoni, chorizo, spicy chicken and jalapeno peppers yum!

(Minerva) #6

Mushrooms and green peppers are probably my favorites since my childhood. I like pepperoni too.
You can never get tired of pizza…yummy!

(Leslie Morton) #7

Mushrooms and green olives on a very, very thin crust with a few jalapeno sprinkled on too!

(Karen Ellam) #8

Ohhh I love a good pizza, but its got to be Italian thin.
I usually put a beautiful handmade sauce I found at a local farmers market on mine. Then a mix of mozzarella cheese n chedder grated. Generous toppings of mushrooms, green peppers and pancetta or parma ham
Mmmmmm :slight_smile:

(Liz Clark) #9

I do love a good plain margherita. Mmmmmmmm…

(Grimm Exhibition) #10

I love hawian(cant spell that) esp pineapple, but always have to have anchovies.
I had a rather succesful dinner idea yesterday. Crusty roll with top bit cut out so its like a cup, add pizza ingredients or whatever you like, then pour in eggs to hold it all together. It was yummy. Also please note how Ive cropped the photo to make it look like I had lots of salad and not many potatoey things.

(Robyn Mc Clean) #11

Very thinly sliced potato and rosemary with mascarpone and chilli oil …now im hungry

(Plumporridge) #12

Tuna and black olives.
There’s some great must-try ideas on this thread!

Amanda xxx

(Sarah Eves) #13

Anchovies and olives for me…love the salty tang.

Sarah x

(Little Ramstudio) #14

Very topical thread as the dough is proving in the kitchen for supper.
Topping with Artichoke hearts and olives :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #15

Already answered this. LOL. I guess I’m just wanting one now.

(Astrid Huxham ) #16

I got hungry to after asking that question so I had to make a pizza!

(Suzanne Francis) #17

Im feeling really hungry after thinking what I like on my pizzas! for me its lots of vegetables - peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn ,tomatoes, chillies and garlic and of course tomato sauce and loads of cheese ! I used to love pepperoni and sweetcorn ,but I only eat free range chick now

(Pennyjanedesigns) #18

I have just logged on to be very business-like this morning and of course was immediately distracted by the thought of pizza. I try hard to avoid it as it is loaded with calories but I have a fascination with Fiorentina - with spinach and an egg in the middle. Totally amazing!! :smile:

(Jacqueline Austen) #19

I love all toppings. Mushrooms, spinach, peppers, eggs, ham - everything! Mmmmmm Love Calzone pizza too - thats the one that looks like a Cornish pasty!

(Sharon Robins) #20

Hot and spicy for me too.