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Places to sell online

(Astrid Huxham ) #1

I have tried all internet selling places and none work I wonder if anyone could recommend me which one they think is best besides folksy I am thinking of trying wow but Im not sure if this will work. Im on ebay currently.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

It depends entirely on what you’re trying to sell and which suits you personally. It’s different for everyone. Folksy admin don’t like us to discuss other places to sell on their forum so it’s not really a good idea to have this discussion here.

(Stephanie Guy) #3

Astrid it’s more about your promotion than the place that you sell. My advice is to concentrate on one platform and promote promote promote - facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogs etc. And be positive in every single interaction. Good luck!

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Also, I’d recommend joining in with other peoples conversations on here as well as starting your own, building trust and a supportive community around you who may well be shopping for items that you sell. Sales are much more likely to happen if you are seen to be personable and chatty and interested in other people. There are so many sellers online that we need to have a connection with our buyers to succeed.

(Astrid Huxham ) #6

It is a pity that ebay doesnt have forums.x

(Margaret Jackson) #7

Astrid, I’m only trying to steer you away from controversy. Here’s an extract from Folksy’s guidelines:

"In order to promote a healthy and supportive space for people to discuss relevant issues the following behaviour is not permitted:

Spam or promotion of other competitor services"

This is why I’m trying to explain to you that people are not allowed to discuss other places to sell on the forum. I’m just trying to help!

(Sian ) #8

We provide these forums for you to use to talk about craft and selling on Folksy. There are lots of other forums and places that are more appropriate for discussing other selling platforms. Why not try asking on Twitter or Facebook?

(Sian ) #9