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Plus account- I've caved in!

(Christine E.) #1

I’ve just caved in to renewing my plus account- I wanted to list a couple of things and figured it wasn’t worth forking out 60p if I’m going to renew eventually anyway! I had been hoping to hold out to November. I’ll be able to see if relisting makes any difference to sales anyway, and report back!..

(Karen Ellam) #2

I couldn’t resist upgrading last month. I love not having the worry listing, and relisting. Those bills were really totting up before.
The featured item display is brilliant too.
I haven’t seen any difference in my sales figures yet, but then I think I joined during a quiet spell (hopefully ) :wink:
Let’s hope it soon pays for itself with an influx of lovely sales :slight_smile:


(Amanda Robins) #3

Mine ran out last week and I planned to hold out for a couple of months before renewing, but I’m really missing having the relisting opportunity so I’ll probs renew my Plus account tomorrow when I get paid. I miss the featured items on my front page too!

(Christine E.) #4

Having renewed my plus account in order to relist the silk paintings that I did years ago and couldn’t sell, I realise I’m heartily sick of them anyway and may take them all down the charity shop tomorrow!..

(Peonyandthistle) #5

Yip! I’ve just caved in too. I really wasn’t too sure whether to renew it as sales had gone down so badly but have decided to give it another go and see if my Folksy sales will increase if I add lots of new items… fingers crossed!

(Christine E.) #6

Well, reporting back, my views certainly increased yesterday and I had two sales in the evening! Obviously I didn’t relist everything, I don’t do that, but I relisted a couple of small batches. Perhaps it’s raised my profile.

(Rosesworkshop) #7

I’ve caved I too, and just signed up for a Plus account for the first time.

Previously I didn’t have enough items to list to make it worthwhile, but this year I reckon I will have. That doesn’t mean I’m about to sit down and create 100 new listings at a time! The aim is to photograph, list and promote a few new things very week, plus relisting anything that expires. I’ve got quite a lot of small items that do well at craft fairs, that didn’t justify an individual listing fee, but may get listed now.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #8

I’ve just renewed my plus account as at the moment I have items that are due to relist and at the moment I can’t list my stock of new items as my area to take my photo’s is out of operation due to the new floor going in, It’s so frustrating.

(Amanda Robins) #9

I’ve just renewed mine too. I missed it even though I was only without it for a few days!