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Possibles for my shop what do people think

I’ve not been on the forums for a while due to college and at the moment I’m recovering from an operation.

But over the last month I have been making some embroidery cards thinking I might add a few to my shop but I’m not sure.

What do people think

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Hi Eileen, glad to have you back in circulation and hopefully well on the mend.

I think these cards are very attractive and I’m sure it’s worth trying them in your shop. I especially like the Christmas candle.

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thanks Helen, I’m not back to college until September I’ve done 2 years I have another 3 years to go before I gain my professional qualifications. So I’ve not been creating at all while at college but started on making cards as soon as I’d taken my end of year exam then came my operation. It’s getting harder now to really work on much as I have to do the exercises and stop every 15 to 20mintues to move around ie walk around in my brace and on a pair of crutches. It’s driving me batty.

Welcome back Eileen and hope you make a speedy recovery. I think the cards are well worth putting in your shop. I particularly like the second one up.

Hi hope you are on the mend…the cards are lovely and definately worth listing, I love making embroidered cards just not enough hours in the day for everything…love the Christmas candle :slight_smile:

Thank u I only had the operation a week 8days ago. I’m walking with crutches and I have to have a brace for the next 6weeks so will be returning to college with the knee brace and hopefully just my walking stick.

I have also created the candle in a different way.


Aww very early days yet then for you, hopefully you will be able to do plenty of embroidery whilst you recover…love the second candle as well, I would definately make more for your shop …good luck with the healing x

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