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Postage hasn't been charged? Help please!

I just sold a pair of earrings, the customer has paid but postage hasn’t been charged - checked my listing and it’s definitely there as £3.00 for p&p.
The customer lives in Jersey, is this the reason? What do I do? I feel uncomfortable asking for postage since the customer has already paid but if I send for free it’ll leave me with little to no profit :frowning:

Did they contact you first as they were having problems paying? Since the postage is confirmed by paypal when the delivery address is entered if they don’t pay that way it doesn’t add on the postage. I would also contact admin and query it with them so that they can have words with paypal as if the customer has checked out using paypal and they have not applied the postage they should be the ones stumping up for it not you.

Thanks for replying hun. The customer paid by PayPal and doesn’t seem to have had problems paying as payment went through at the same time as folksy sent the order confirmation email.
@Folksyadmin could you advise please?

I’d drop them an email ( with the transaction ID so they can take it up with Paypal. It might be some setting somewhere has UK as england/ scotland/ wales/ northern ireland but not the channel islands and they haven’t been included in Europe either.

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Thank you Sasha x