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Postage Increase

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

I know the postage rates have now increased … are you putting your prices up ?

For now I am not increasing my postage costs on items currently in my shop …

New and re-listed items may be subject to the increase but for now all items are staying the same for now anyway …


Art In Wax

(Joy Salt) #2

I’ve increased all mine which were £3 - as that is what the postage costs - so now £3.20. I used the bulk edit facility so it didn’t take too long.

(Susan Bonnar) #3

I’ve charged £3.90 for a few years. My books used to be £3.60 then dropped to £3 then just risen to £3.20! I think £3.90 was a good choice way back then!

(Trevor Harvey) #4

I’m not changing my prices, absorbing any increase

(Stephanie Guy) #5

I’m still thinking about it. I think miniatures will stay the same but everything else will have to go up in line with costs.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #6

I bought a stock of stamps before the price rise so I don’t need to rush to change my postage prices :smile:

I have 550+ items, and they are all shapes and sizes and weights, so takes a while even with bulk editing to make sure I’ve done all of them LOL.

(Helen Smith) #7

UK shipping for my smallest things is has stayed the same, the RM price rise is only pennies. But everything else has had to go up, the increase to the more far flung corners of the world is quite hefty. But I suppose it is a long way to Australia and most things do get there in 4 or 5 days, it’s quite impressive.

ETA - I have less than 100 items in this shop and I had a sore wrist by the time I’d finished editing even with the bulk editor, I’d think really hard about doing it with 550+ items.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #8

I’m just going to do one type of item a day - probably start with greetings cards, then a certain size of painting etc til I’ve worked my way through them all :slight_smile: And if I miss anything out then whoever buys the item I miss will get a postage bargain :smile:

(Jan Ryan) #9

I’m not altering my prices yet but as I list new items I may add the pennies on :smile:
Jan x

(Brenda Cumming) #10

I will only increase the p&p for those outside the UK as they have now deleted the “up to 40g” category and once over 20g you pay a higher rate

(Gerda Austin) #11

I am not increasing my postal charges at the moment , I am going to post the £3.00 ( now £3.20 ) second class instead ! Ps: will see how it goes !

Gerda x

(Diane Burton) #12

I’ve removed my overseas postage as RM have limited the depth to 0.5cm for a letter, by the time I’ve made sure my cards are protected with cardboard/bubblewrap they come in over that so would have to go small parcel which would make the postage more than the card! I’ve got a note in my T&Cs that says to contact me for an accurate p&p cost for overseas if anyone wants to send them abroad (but I’ve never sold one out of the UK yet) My UK p&p has stayed the same as the large letter has only gone up by a few pence.

(Stephanie Guy) #13

I didn’t know they’d done that - thanks for the heads up.

(Diane Burton) #14

Yes they snuck it in on the general blurb about sizes, I even checked my old info from last year as there was no indication that it was a change, it was written as though they’d always had this restriction. I’m wondering if it’s been done to bring overseas letters in line with UK letters, if so I wish they’d bring in an overseas Large Letter as most of my card orders go LL in the UK (unless there are more than 3 or 4 to one address)

(Nifty) #15

Can anyone explain new international nonsense to me?

I’ve just made a big sale (over £100) elsewhere, to Germany.

I don’t usually send signed-for, but thought I might.

standard non-signed for is £5.15 cos it’s snuck over 250g, compensation only £20

then tracked&signed for is £10.15 comp up to £50 or pay another £2.50 to lift it high enough

or tracked (which is also signed for, so what’s the difference?) is £12.18, add £3 to raise the compensation.

I don’t get it.

tracked and signed is clearly better, it’s trackable to destination and online confirmation and allegedly gets priority handling.

the other tracked is only tracked till leaves uk, and doesn’t get priority, and is more expensive.

(Thecardjeanie) #16

Just posted one of my standard cards to the US in a small padded envelope. I charged £2.50 for the card and £2.25 for P & P. You can imagine my shock when the postage came to £3.80!!! By the time I take out the price of materials, commission, padded envelope and PayPal charges its really not worth my while. I think I’ll just have to remove any overseas prices from my shop. the Royal Mail really don’t do small businesses any favours. Sorry for the rant but I am furious!!!
Jeanie x

(Jo Sara) #17

Jeanie, could you strengthen your cards by using two extra bits of card either side. If I ordered a card, I wouldn’t expect it to arrive in a padded envelope. And whenever I have ordered one online they arrive in one of those card backed envelopes. By using the padded envelope you’re exceding the 0.5cm max depth for an international letter and going into small parcel size.


(Nifty) #18

yep, it’s the thickness. I ship my cards in board backed envelopes from ebay

(Thecardjeanie) #19

Thank you both for the advice. I will certainly do that in future. As a lot of my cards are 3D I liked to send them in padded envelopes but I will have to change that now as the difference in price is too great.

Jeanie x

(Wendy Derrick) #20

Just got back from the Post Office (a different one to the usual one I use) and had to bring one item home with me as they were trying to send it as letter, even though it is over the 5mm thickness and going to Finland. They were insisting that there is no size restriction on overseas mail for letters. Just thought I’d mention it as it seems not all post offices are up to speed on the new size limit. I will take it to my usual post office tomorrow instead so that I know my customer will actually receive it!