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Postage not charged

(Pamela West) #1

I’ve sold an item and the customer paid via paypal. There was no postage charged on the item. I’ve look at other topics about postage not being applied to invoices and have the correct settings as I had this problem before. Any ideas?

(Christine Shephard) #2

Check the postage costs set up on the item that was purchased. If they are correct for the country you’re selling to, then it’s probably a Paypal setting that needs to change.

There’s a little box in Paypal postage settings that has to be ticked to override Paypal postage (if you use it), and that sometimes causes problem.

Is it the last item you sold? You have postage costs for the UK on that one, but the USA/Canada postage is set to zero. If you sold it there, there would be no postage charged.

(Joy Salt) #3

Christine is quite right. If you are selling overseas you are charging £0 P&P, not just on the last one sold but other items still in stock which I looked at.
You need to erase that 0 if you don’t want to sell overseas or correct it to a proper postage value.