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Order query- two delivery addresses, two different countries,two different recipients

(Sarah Eves) #1

I’m looking for some advice for an order I’ve just received.

The order is paid for, and the delivery address on Paypal is an Australian one.
The delivery address on the Folksy order is a British one.
The recipient’s name is different on both these addresses and there are no additional notes with the order.

I have twice tried to email the customer, and twice the email has been returned as '‘recipient rejected’'
This is the paypal email address, the only one I have.

The customer paid Australian postage, but that doesn’t really mean anything, as I have had that happen previously on a Scottish order, where the address was changed but not the country.

I also don’t understand how an order can be paid via paypal using an email which is apparently unreachable as an email?

Sarah x

(Sarah Eves) #2

Mystery solved - it was going to the UK address :smile:

(Sonia Adam) #3

I’m not sure there is anything else you can do apart from wait for the customer to contact you (looking for their item!)
I had a similar problem at the beginning of November which I eventually refunded as I couldn’t contact the customer. It was the refund into their PayPal account that alerted them to the problem & they then got in touch again.
Hope you resolve it soon.

(Samantha Stanley) #4

I’ve had this on Eb** before. My lady was living in Australia and wanted to buy a present for a relative living in Britain. I was a bit concerned at first, but after she contacted me and explained it all worked out. I expect this will all work out fine if you can find a way of contacting her or if she contacts you.

(Louise Foot) #5

This happened twice to me during the festive period on Et**. Same as Samantha’s above. Luckily my customers had better communication skills. Its a grand idea, if I had loved ones overseas I reckon I’d send them gifts this way too. I hope she makes contact

(Sarah Eves) #6

It is a grand idea - except the lady in Australia had paid Australian postage rates for a parcel being sent within the UK!
I refunded the excess through paypal.

Sarah x

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #7

Just one thing… The Paypal Protection for your customer Only Applies for the address registered on Paypal. It’s worth telling a customer this and checking if they prefer to pay extra for tracked and signed-for postage - to give them (and you) added protection, should the parcel disappear in the post. The PO contract is with the sender (ie. yourself), but then you would both know if the parcel arrived safely and you’d have the security of tracking etc.