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Posting to France

Hello all, does anyone know the rules on posting items to France? I’ve been contacted by someone from France with regards to postage on my felt earrings, but when checking prices I noticed felt and wadded material seems to come under France’s prohibited items. Has anyone posted jewellery and/or felt items to France please?
Many thanks

I haven’t sent to France in ages, and it was stationery. I’m surprised felt isn’t allowed - maybe check an English version of the French postage site?

Thank you. I tried La Poste but couldn’t find an English option there. Would you know where I could find one? I’ve been searching for clarification all morning but being sent round in circles! I can’t understand why felt would be an issue, it’s nylon not wool, but struggling to find an answer. Thanks again

Hi, @WyerdJewellery
I don’t send felt but I do send pillows with polyester stuffing to France quite regularly on a different site and as far as I know they have all arrived absolutely fine.
Sarah x

Thank you Sarah. Can I ask, do you use Royal Mail to post them?

On the customs forms I just add the code for cotton pillow with stuffing - other.
So, I don’t actually mention polyester wadding as such, but only because it comes under ‘‘other’’ on the tariff guide.
Sarah x

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Maybe use a translation website to help you find what you’re looking for?

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I don’t know enough about La Poste, sorry. Look up the UK customs info and fill out a CN22 and you might be okay?

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It’s very strange isn’t it? I came across this after I’d sent a felt brooch to a customer who lived in France. It seemed to arrive okay. I usually put textile accessory on my CN22 forms (haven’t yet dabbled in the new codes).

Thanks everyone, I’ve asked a few places, plus friends who send to family etc and the consensus seems to be try it and hope for the best! :joy:
I really don’t understand why it would be prohibited, some things are understandable but this one I don’t get. The lists on some carriers websites are ridiculous, they practically cover everything!
Think I’ll just try RM and see…:crossed_fingers:t3:

Hello everyone, jut seing this… I would not wrry about this, we post stuff all the time with family, all kinds of things and it arrives fine all the time.
I have sent items to France, via RoyalMail, approx a week/10days to arrive, will be colissimo most likely in France. What I do is I track myelf the posted items, but it’s my native language, so, easy for me.
PLease send me a message if you need help for anything ! xx

Reading this again, I definintely would not worry about sending to France :slight_smile:

Hi. Posted a sterling silver necklace to France on Saturday. Used Royal mail. Buyer was happy to pay £8.50 for tracked and signed for. Package was large letter catagory. Royal mail did not ask for any customs forms. You should be fine with felt but ask at your post office. Standard postage on that size is I think sub £3.

I’ve sent loads of felt stuff to France and not had any hassle! Just post and don’t worry! :smiley: