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Help with HS Code/Tariff Code

Hi all,

I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on selecting the right HS Code/Tariff Code for a customs label. I’m relatively new to Folksy and I would like to start selling my items outside of the UK and Europe, even though it seems a little overwhelming right now!

The items I sell are hanging decorations, made from 100% wool felt and filled with a cushioning cotton. The closest I can find to a hanging decoration on is 'Decorations, Christmas Tree (Except Lights)’ Heading 9505 (even though my items aren’t intended for Christmas alone). I’m not sure if I’m on the right track or I should be going more down the line of the materials they are made from.

I’m aware that from 1st January 2019 electronic customs became mandatory for some international destinations, so I just don’t want to select the wrong code.

I’ve looked at other topics for help with this but there hasn’t been anything posted recently, or that relates to what I sell. I’d really appreciate any help that you might me able to give me!


I did a search for ‘decorations’ and couldn’t find anything that seemed relevant. Maybe they come under textiles?

you can email the appropriate people on and ask them

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Thank you for taking the time to look! I did search under textiles but all I could find in relation was scrap material. I did find ‘Felt Textile’ and my items could possibly fit under under one of its headings, depending on whether that’s for people selling felt as a product or items made from it.

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Thank you for your help! I will definitely send them an email and ask.

Good luck with it - I hated having to find mine!


Can anyone help please - I’ve been trying to figure this out for nearly an hour - my poor, tiny brain is aching!
I’ve been trying to find my HS code for decorative ceramics and I’ve found the four digit code of 6913 that seems to fit (ornamental ceramics)
But…how do I find the other two digits to make it into a 6 digit code. Is it a code for the country of origin. I’m confused.

bump…or I’ll have to phone up Royal Mail on Monday and I don’t fancy that…lol!

rather than phoning RM you’d be better off emailing as they actually have the list
(I think you might be 69149000


Thanks Sasha :slight_smile: I think my work does fit the the number you’ve said. You are so clever - I was searching for so long last night and I still couldn’t find anything longer than the 4 digit code…lol!

I contacted HMRC about mine months ago and they are absolutely pants. In the end I signed up for a site that figures them out for you:

It’s free as long as you only want a handful of codes at a time (3 or 5 I think). You search your item and it suggests codes. I used it to check against what I thought my codes were and then confirm them.

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Thanks - that will be useful for my other products :slight_smile:

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