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Pricing help

Just wondering if anyone can help me. I have a Brother Knitting Machine (KH-230) which I was given about 20yrs ago. It was second hand at the time but in full working order but has spent those 20yrs unused in the loft. It also has a ribbing attachment (KR-230) and a knit leader (KL-116) - no idea what that is! I will never use it and want to know if it is worth listing on some local FB for sale pages and if so what sort of price I should ask for it. Or is it now obsolete and just worthy of a trip to the tip?!

Any help appreciated.

There is one for sale on ebay (without the extras) for £100 so you could either try selling it there or on your local FB sale pages and if there are no takers you could try rehoming it using freecycle or a local charity shop definately not the tip.

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Are you on Facebook?
There is a machine knitting group on there that I belong to and you may get some interest on there.

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Thanks for the suggestions - now to take some photos :slight_smile: