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Some of my photo's have disappeared! Can you help?!?

(Jan Ryan) #1

:frowning: I’ve just gone into my shop and most of my photo’s are not showing up.
I wanted to check on a couple of listings and the pics are just not there. Are the guys at @sianfolksy, @Folksycontent, @JamesB, @dougfolksy working on things at the moment or is there some sort of bug. ???
This is a link to one, amongst many, that’s missing, I was just wondering if it would show here or if any of you guys could click on the link and pop over to see if you can see the Hanging Heart

(Susan Bonnar) #2

No, can’t see the photo. Can see it in preview when you view your shop though so it must still be there.

I think it is site wide as I am trying to take images from people’s shops for British Crafters tomorrow and other people have the same.

You have other photos missing too - your elephants aren’t there either.

Pants isn’t it!

(Roz) #3

I’ve been having similar all evening. I don’t think it’s necessarily disappeared just the Internet struggling with traffic as other sites aren’t loading properly either, think I might message admin just to be sure.

(Jan Ryan) #4

Thanks guys for replying, I’ll see how it goes this evening and check in again in the morning, hopefully it will all be ok by then.
How do I send an email direct to admin? (just in case I need to send one tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Roz) #5

If you go to the bottom of your listing ( or any other page I think) there’s a link to help and support then the contact support option is on the right of the page.

(Jan Ryan) #6

Brilliant, thank you, hopefully I won’t need to use it but it’s good to know where it is :slight_smile:

(Roz) #7

They are usually pretty good at responding :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #8

I’ve contacted support as I’ve promised to load an order up for a customer for first thing tomorrow and can’t as I’m getting picture errors. It is, or at least was, Cyber Monday. Must just be busy. I’ve checked the status blog and that doesn’t mention any maintenance or errors.

(Planeteventsdirect) #9

Me too…been getting this all evening/night.

(Joy Salt) #10


(Jan Ryan) #11

I’ve just checked my shop and all my pics seem to be back :slight_smile: Hope everyone else’s are too :slight_smile:
I’ll have a lookee see in the morning and hopefully they’ll all still be there.