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Payment not received - help

(Roz) #1

Does anyone know what happens at the customer end if a payment fails to go through. Do they get a reminder from Folksy to pay and if so when?

I have a customer (non registered) whose payment failed to go through. Should I send a paypal invoice or wait for them to get a reminder from Folksy or is there some other way they can try and pay again?

(Christine Shephard) #2

They should be able to use the link in their Folksy email to try and pay again. It’s valid for 24 hours, after that you would either have to cancel the order and get them to buy it again, or send a paypal invoice and mark it as paid yourself.

(Roz) #3

Thanks - have emailed to let them know - waiting with fingers crossed :slightly_smiling:

(JollySmall) #4

Did you get a response Roz? This has also happened to me this week and I got no response to my e mail, so I’ve cancelled the order. I notice from the daily listing thread that someone else had also had an order that wasn’t paid for this week.

(Roz) #5

Yes - the lady emailed me saying she didn’t think payment had gone through so I let her know she could use the link in the email from Folksy which I assume she did as payment came through overnight. It was an especially nice sale as she had been visiting from the States last September and bought one of my scarves at a craft fair and it was an order for 2 more. Just goes to show its worth popping those business cards in with every sale :slightly_smiling:

(JollySmall) #6

Thanks for getting back to me that’s great news and what a lovely way to get a return sale!

(numbersixteen) #7

I have also had this problem with two customers this week. I didn’t receive the usual emails of sale from Folksy -luckily I noticed the sales on my shop and contacted the customers. Neither payment went through, the first customer resolved the problem I believe by going through Paypal, the second has not replied to my email and I have now cancelled the order messaging them with an explanation. So far I have not heard from them so seem to have lost the sale!! I am currently having an email conversation with folksy about this problem.