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Procrastination and the window seat cushions

I am making window seat cushion (cushions actually as the seat is 3 metres long so I’m making 3 * 1 metre).

  • I have foam - which I bought ready cut and ‘wrapped’ and just wants a proper cushion cover
  • I have piping - not making my own, going for easiest option
  • I have fabric.- a bit long length of it, on a roll awaiting my attention on the table…

I was going to put a fastening in along the long edges with velcro and have Ebay ordered it (forgot first time around) and it will come Thursday.

I’ve just examined the laundry box cushion I made 10 years ago and I zipped that at the end so am now thinking shall I use a zip instead, probably easier but haven’t got zips… hmmmm I have Amazon Prime, if I order now will be here tomorrow and there is no zip shop in town…

You can tell from this that I am definitely procrastinating. I want the three cushions ready for Saturday to take to my daughter’s. I have plenty of time But… putting that first cut into that expensive length of Sanderson Fabric …

I’ll just go to the garage and make a rainbow while I pluck up courage…


I’ve always wanted a window seat! Will you promise to show us the finished items when they are finished? Good luck with the rainbow - maybe the cushions could be the pot of gold at the end of it??!! :wink:

My mantra is measure twice, or even three times and cut once, especially with expensive fabric. I’ve made mistakes in the past with designer fabric. Good luck with the first cut.


I’m just trying to get my head round sewing in the ‘opening’ panel either side or back and checking I can put that in last which allows me to get on with the rest while I await the arrival of the velcro (or still undecided zip).
I’ve searched the computer but failed to find the good step by step instructions I know I used last time so have bookmarked several for when I eventually pick up the scissors.

I took 48 hours with my scissors poised before cutting when I made my last wedding dress (sounds as if I’ve had several, but only two !) as it was French lace and silk voile and mega expensive.


Joy I know what you mean about sitting their with scissors in hand thinking about cutting out a wedding dress. I was just the same when I designed and made my own 23years ago from 14metres of raw silk and brocade lace. I’d even made it up out of charity shop sheet first lol.

I’m the same each time I cut into a piece of fabric be it something I’ve picked up in a charity shop for a few £’sss usually vintage sheets and damaged vintage tablecloths.

As Marg says,“measure twice then, measure thrice then measure once again” as my old needlework teacher used to say.

All the best with your window seat mines not even been finished being built yet so I can’t make my cushions for it yet. Mine will be patchwork in blues and whites I even have a big bag of materials awaiting all old skirts, blouse, shirts etc cut up into nice big pieces.

DH who’s making the window seat with my wool storage cupboard underneath is the same he keeps procrastating at each stage of the build. Measuring and remeasuring every piece of the wood before it goes into his workbench and the Router comes out.


You should put a picture of your cushion on it’s window seat when you’ve finished. I would love to see it. Like @JollySmall I’ve always wanted a window seat myself-very Jane Austen-and the Sanderson fabric sounds perfect!

Love Sam x

Re zips…I buy long zips from merrick and day online. Only two shades of beige, but the usual delivery is next day and means you can get a lovely long zip that goes right along the back, meaning you have less of a fight with the foam. I usually take my zips on box cushions round a corner, which makes inserting the foam even easier.

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try the online forum mydecozo…full of fantastic info on pretty much everything to do with soft furnishings, including some of Philip’s educational videos.

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Ok I’ve been brave. Also very sensible. I asked Bob to assist with the measuring. With his engineer training he is well qualified for the job, he makes an art of precision and works absolutely to the rule of measuring at least twice…
I spent ages first just working out the exact sizes of the pieces I needed, found that I had some tailor’s chalk - fortunately as couldn’t cut straight lines as needed here without it and I now have all the pieces of fabric I need cut out ready for my three cushions.
Also got enough spare to make a couple of scatter cushions sometime later.

Funny moment was when Bob said he’d cut a couple of the lengths for me as my hand was getting a bit cramped (main reason I don’t sew much nowadays) and he couldn’t handle the dressmaking scissors. Should have told him they’re left handed.)

Just off now to check out mydecozo before I put needle to fabric. Have to pluck up more courage for that !

Did you remember your seam allowance?

I find when it comes to straight lines I use either one of my quilting squares or a steel ruler with a cutting mat and a rotary cutter.

I love taylors chalk it’s so useful :slight_smile:

I’ve allowed a full inch on all seams.
I can ‘do’ an old fashioned 5/8 inch allowance without needing to measure it but we were cutting in centimeter today and 2.5 is easier to measure than 1.47 and gives me a little margin for error. !

Bob found an excellent straight piece of door frame in his cache in my studio (eer the garage :slight_smile: ) which made a lovely cutting edge.

Thought you might like to see some of my dressmaking from a long time ago - daughter Paula on the left is now 40. Easter dresses for visit to Nana if I remember correctly.The windowseat cushions are for daughter Jenny on the right .

I used to make all my own clothes from quite early on as my mother, though a very skilled dressmaker,always allowed room for me to grow and I was Thin, Very, and not growing outwards very fast at all. If I made my own they fitted Now not later and the skirts could go as short as I wanted them to (and as I didn’t have a machine for first 2 years at university so had to sew it all by hand, the shorter the better :slight_smile: )


awww bless they look happy in their easter dresses.

I’m really impressed that you managed to get the cushions cut out yesterday, can’t wait to see the finished items!
The girls look great in their dresses, my Mum used to make all mine when I was younger in fact I don’t think I ever bought anything off the peg till I went to uni - those were the days eh!!
Now I’d better stop procrastinating and get the ironing sorted so that I can knit this afternoon! Keep up the good work, Joy!!

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can I just say…gorgeous fabric! I’ve been drooling over that myself for ages but can’t justify buying any!

My daughter is buying the fabric, she already bought the curtains (she’s just moved house). As her new house present I’m getting the other bits - foam, piping and fastening and the sewing. One cushion is now covered, the dining room looks like a bomb has hit it and I am procrastinating again plucking up courage to attack cushion 2.

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I have 3 cushions ready to take to my daughter’s new house tomorrow. They are not asbsolutely perfect as I’m not an upholsterer but they will be absolutely fine once I’ve sat on them to work them into shape !

There will also be a rather attractive dichroic glass fused bowl to match once the kiln has finished doing its thing.

Here are the cushions, on top of each other on the top of my sofa as I don’t have a 3 metre long window seat to try them on. Must remember to take a photo once in situ.

Handy hint…if like me you decide to use Velcro (zip would have been easier :frowning: ), stick a spare piece on the hooked edge while inserting cushion otherwise it will fight with the covering on the foam and break your nails …and your temper :slight_smile:


They look fab Joy - I’m sure your daughter will be really pleased - and with the bowl. Well done :slightly_smiling:

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They look great :slight_smile:

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Well done Joy they will look great in situ :smile:

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