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Product Liability Insurance Query

Hello. I’m looking at public / product liability insurance but I’m not sure how much to insure for? What have you gone for - £1m, £5m ???
I’m not selling at craft fairs, just here on Folksy. And I do sell to customers in USA and Canada.
I have a note on all my product listing saying ‘this is not a toy’ and I include a paper tag with my bunting warning that it should be kept out of reach of babies and children.
Any guidance much appreciated - thank you.

I am with A-N the cover is £5m. You do have to meet their criteria though as slightly different from normal insurers. I contacted them re selling overseas and I have to put sold under English law.

May be worth ha ing some labels printed with ‘this item is not a toy’. You can add to the bunting to be safe.

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I am with Ian Wallace craft insurance for public and product liability a percentage amount can be sales to america but at the moment i don’t sell to america

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Thank you. I’ve had a look at A-N and I don’t think I meet the criteria but than you for the tip. Good idea re labels - though I hope having the line ‘not a toy’ on the listing and the paper label I attach are enough…

Thank you for replying. I’ve got a quote from Ian Wallace - they only cover up to £500,000 for products sold to USA/Canada and only if action is brought in an English court - at least that is what I’ve gathered… It’s hard to know what to do - I’ve only had a few sales to the USA and paying for insurance is a bit chunk of my earnings.

If you put under English law in your t & c’s this will cover you with IW as it means they have bought under those terms and any problems they have to come to the UK to sue etc.

This is the advice I was given by AN re selling to the US etc

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Do you mean under the t&c’s of my Folksy shop?