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Question about a branding term


I’ve been turned down (again!! Third Christmas fair application) for a Christmas craft fair - mainly because I make jewellery and there are loads of em down here in Cornwall, but also because I make such a diverse range of jewellery. They gave me feedback which is helpful, but used a term I haven’t come across before, here is the sentence:

When you have such a range of styles it’s even more important to come up with a string context for it to sit within.

Has anyone heard of this term - string context -before? I’m guessing that as I make such a diverse range of jewellery I need to have a common theme running through it? Is that it?

The thing is, I love making all sorts of different jewellery that is quirky and unique! That’s how I am as a person and it shows through my jewellery! :pensive:

I wonder if it’s a typo and should read ‘strong context’?

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Sorry to hear that Amanda. How disappointing for you. @bowerbirddesigns

I can totally relate to your passion for creating lots of variation in your jewellery pieces.

I’m exactly the same and I often wonder if this goes against me sometimes when u see other shops having a strong theme. ( I actually typed ‘string’ then accidentally)

I’m always pulled in many directions when I’m having a creative moment, and I just let if flow.

I would definitely struggle sticking to a few ideas.

Karen x

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I feel just the same Amanda @bowerbirddesigns. I love using up small pieces of fabric so there is no consistency to my brand - in fact I sometimes worry that my stall looks more like a jumble sale!! Got to do what you enjoy though.


How are they viewing your work? If you have to submit photos as part of the application process you could always be selective and just submit those that fit with a theme. If they are viewing an online shop then you could re organise the items such that they were grouped into cohesive collections ie looking at you folksy shop you could put all the pearl items together and possibly add some mermaid/ sand castle/ light house shrink plastic earrings (which would fit with pearls as they are all from the ocean ish) and beaded items in oceanic colours which helps tie everything together. Having shrink plastic earrings that fit with the theme then means that the ones that don’t fit with the theme don’t stand out as much as stylistically they match. Am I making any sense?


When you list the type of jewellery you make on the application forms how do you describe it? Have you tried listing it as “locally made quirky and unique designs”. I had similar with the things I make and now at lots of events I list them as hand knitted and sewn gifts, cos anything can be a gift! Not had a problem since.


I agree with @HelenSmith, in that “strong context” makes more sense. I’m guessing that if they are curating which sellers attend their events, they want to be able to pick maybe someone who does wire crafted jewellery, another who does beaded, and yet another who just does classic clean silver jewellery etc. That way they can have more sellers selling different styles rather than just putting it under “jewellery” and only having one person who does it all. It makes it better business wise for them and their visitors.

There is nothing wrong with making jewellery to express yourself as a form of art, but I think maybe having collections could help? For example you could do a seaside/holiday themed collection. There needs to be some way of defining what is Bowerbird Jewellery when you’re in competition with many other local people creating jewellery too. What makes you stand out from the rest?

But really it is down to how you want to run your business, and if you’re happy as you are with sales and customers, why change?


Yes I had to submit photos for all of them, but also gave them my website address too! Hmm that’s clever thinking about just giving them photos on a theme! Thanks @SashaGarrett

Thanks @BigBirdLittleBird and @HelenSmith yes she did reply back and say she meant strong context! I see what you’re getting st about collections and although I make jewellery out of many mediums, I do see a few themes or threads that I can focus on! Thanks for the help guys!

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