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Question about category listing for Jewellery

Hi! I notice that there is a jewellery section and a section for jewellery within the wedding section. I have some earrings to list and they are glass pearl costume earrings, so quite bridal looking . Am I best listing them in the general jewellery category and tagging them as wedding and bridal to be seen by more people? Will listing them in the wedding category limit the amount of people that see them?
Any advice gratefully received, thanks !

I always think that getting the tags right is more important than the category figuring that more people are going to run a search than browse a category so I’d go with the general jewellery category. However could you make a second similar (also rather bridal looking) pair? Then you can put a pair in each section and see which has the better impression rate and impression to view ratio so you know where to put future pairs.


That sounds like a great idea, I have 4 pairs to list so I will put 2 in the wedding and 2 in the general and see how it goes, thank you !

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I noticed that there’s no Stud Earrings catergory in the Earrings section…
Really surprised as they are a popular type.

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Wow you know what, I hadn’t even noticed :open_mouth: ! perhaps a suggestion for the powers that be !

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