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Random e mails from companies

(Milliemoments) #1

Does anyone else keep getting random emails from Framestr asking if I want to register with them or from freelance journalists asking if I want to appear in a project they are doing? Not sure if they are legit? Thanks

(Donna) #2

I do, I just delete them straight away just incase
Donna x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

yep it’s that time of year when the scammer are out if full. If they are coming via folky you need to report them as spam to Folksy.

Folksy will then close down their account.

Whatever you do DO NOT reply to their messages as then they’ll have your email address and spam your email address even more.

See the post about framestr on another post I’ve been doing reseach on them very dodgy site.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Oh sorry I forgot to put up the link to the other thread

(Kim Blythe) #5

Yes, I have been getting them.
I just deleted.
If I get any more I will report to Folksy.


(Joanne Joyce) #6

Folksy have deleted their third account and have asked me to report anymore contact from them

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

It’s typical spamming going to another plateform to advertise your own site very bad form. Should they be reported their email address can be blacklisted as ‘Known Spammers’.

This then can stop them for emailing other organisations/forums/companies as their email address will be filtered out and flagged by anti spamming software.

You could report their spamming to their IP Supplier.

(Milliemoments) #8

Thanks everyone for replies, I thought they might be dodgy. I will report to folksy.


(Denise Hayes) #9

you can get contacted about journo enquiries through folksy legitimately, i have ended up in cosmo – but in that case someone from folksy contacted me first.

I dont’ think framstr is dodgy or a pyramid scam - the prices on the site itself are high and i can see commissions being high as well. if you want people to promote your item, 5% commission isn’t going to do it, so you out up the price to cover that higher commission.

(Helen Smith) #10

Framestr might be perfectly legitimate but the repetitive e-mails are getting annoying.

I’ve been contacted by the press after they found my work on Folksy though, so don’t dismiss all e-mails as scams. The genuine ones usually give you plenty of information. I ended up having my ffflowers featured in Wedding Flowers magazine, which was lovely.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

Spamming and poaching it not good business practice.
The Folksy Forum it not for you to advertise your company on it goes against the Terms and conditions and your posts have been reported as advertising spam. as have all those spam emails as they also go against Folksy Terms and conditions.

(Samantha Grant) #14

I’ve had about 3 of these, I just deleted them. I will report any others I get to Folksy :slight_smile:

(Denise Hayes) #15

I’ve flagged the posts on this thread… not good business practice at all!