Re-branding - pro's and cons?

Has anyone done a complete or partial re-brand? do you think re branding can be a successful process.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas etc.

Thank you x

Jess formerly of Lincolnshire marbled arts now of @thewhimsicalmarbler went through a rebrand recently so she might be able to share some thoughts on the process.
What would you be hoping to achieve from the rebrand?


Yes, as @SashaGarrett mentioned, I’ve just done a complete rebrand.

I changed my business name, created a new logo and of course changed all my social media, FB page, new email address and my Folksy shop name.

A full rebrand can be time consuming and if you’re paying some one to create new logos and branding for you, expensive too!

I would definitely say, don’t rush into it. Why do you want to rebrand? The main reason that you should be looking at rebranding is if you feel that you aren’t targeting your ideal customer.

You want to be making sure that your branding, products, photography and social media (plus the copywriting from all of these) is targeting your ideal customer and you might just need to tweak your product photography to appeal to who you intend or update your branding colours and logo.

For me personally, rebranding has been amazing and I finally feel like I have a business in which I know who I’m talking to, there’s much more cohesiveness in all aspects and it guides me in my product creation and marketing. I absolutely love my new name and logo and feel it expresses my brand values.

Don’t rebrand by just changing a name and a logo without having some real thought about what might need to change and why.

Cons would obviously be (aside from cost if you get someone to do it for you) that if you have a strong customer base, you want to be informing everyone about your rebranding (particularly if you change your Folksy url as there is no redirection in place) and that it can take a while to update all occurrences of your old name (social media links, pages, blog posts, copywriting etc).

If you have an email newsletter set up then that’s great for helping get the word out there!

I did social media announcements over a few weeks and did a big launch day with an Instagram live and a giveaway along with a discount code all of which generated lots of interest and meant that social media posts got good engagement and were being shown to more people.

I can highly recommend the Curate Your Brand with Bailey and Roo group on Facebook (free!) set up by Jacquie Lawes who is a branding consultant and designer as well as a photographer and award winning bridal stationery maker. There free training on there as well as help with photography etc.

Sorry, this turned into an essay! If you’d like to ask any questions then you can always message me on here or any of my social media.

Hope some of my blabbering helped!


Hi Jess, Thanks for replying, great info. It’s not something I’d rush into it’s just a few thoughts going around my head, I don’t know if it’s just because I’m very unsettled by all whats happening at the moment as well as some personal issues.
Some options I’ve been mulling over is maybe just a bit of a name change, I have a blog and a FB page both of which I haven’t put much effort into at the moment so that’s something I’d have to think about.
I’ve also thought about completely starting over with a new name, new items, new customer target and new social media etc… and maybe even keeping this Picto shop and having 2 separate ‘shops’.
I’ll look up Baily & Roo as well as thinking long and hard about what I want to do, as I said, it’s not something I’m going to rush into, if at all. This has been my first port of call to mention this and I’m really grateful for your comprehensive knowledge and to @SashaGarrett for tagging you :slight_smile:
Jan x


No problem, it’s always worth trying to make as informed a decision as possible!

Good luck with it, there’s lots to think about :grin:


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