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Re Listing an Item

(OhMyFelt) #1

What are the benefits of relisting an item that hasn’t sold. Is it that newer items appear at the front of the search page?

(Kim Blythe) #2

Yes, when you re list it puts it at the beginning of search results. I tend to re list a few item a couple of times a day.


(Karen Ellam) #3

Yes I too relist a small batch of items daily. If I remember lol. :wink:


(OhMyFelt) #4

Thank You Both x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #5

I need your advice please.
Re listing an item that has been sold.
I finally made a sale and remade the bunny coat hangers. I re listed them, BUT I didnt use the relist button, as I was making new items and instead I completely made a new listing. So now they dont have any Favourite hearts. What difference does a heart make?
Please help as I cannot cope with another restless night as I struggle with the dilemas of selling on Folksy!!
Suzzie x

(Sasha Garrett) #6

The hearts are where people have indicated a liking for an item, potentially to come back and buy it later on. I have several items in my shop which have collected multiple hearts over the years but I’ve yet to sell them (whilst on another selling platform an item was favourited early on in the month and then later on in the month (I’m guessing after pay day) the lady was back and buying it). As far as I know it doesn’t affect any rankings in search results or anything like that, items that have recently been favourited can find their way to the front page or the top of the category page but that is only newly favourited items.
I wouldn’t worry about the lack of hearts.
(how’s the cardi going?)

(Suzzie Godfrey) #7

Thanks Sasha, I thought perhaps the hearts leant ‘history’ to the item, and if a potential customer saw it had been ‘hearted’ they may be more inclined to buy it as they were following the crowd and buying what everyone else is, if that makes sense.
So why is there a re list button if it has no commercial value other than saving time re writing all the blurb, stupid question really, because if you sell more than 2 items a quarter it saves an awful lot of time and effort, forget last question!!
Cardi is on hold, as I had an order for 12 bunnies for a bricks and mortar shop I sell in, in Walberswick, and boy have i needed it this spring, but one front and the back completed, and the buttons have been bought, lovely old glass ones, so it is just waiting in a lull and a burst of energy, and less ‘active procrastination’!!!
suzzie x