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Redundancy .. . end of the road or start of a journey!?

(Helen Dale) #1

So yesterday got my letter to say my job is at risk - was expecting it but not quite the same as when you finally get it. I have the option of interviewing against a colleague as they amalgamate 2 jobs down to one. We’ve both been there 20+ years so it’s a bit of a challenge to decide whether to stay, or at least go for the interview (comfortable, know the organisation, been there a long time, really like my team!) or take the money and run (scary, but maybe an opportunity, voluntary sector so redundancy not that great, been there a long time!)
I’m sure there are others out there who have been in a similar situation - so how did you cope and did it take you on a path which you hadn’t expected?
I’m sure it will all work out for the best, but my head is all over the place at the mo’ - so anyone to inspire me by their stories of coping with change???

(Roz) #2

Not quite the same as redundancy as I am self employed but I have made the decision (following my marriage breakdown) that once my youngest finishes school next June I am going to sell up and move down south to live with my sister (she has a large house with an annex so will be self contained). This will mean giving up my business that I have built up over the last 15years - I will try and sell it but it is not something that will sell easily. I have decided not to restart again when I move - I will try and get some part time work to tide me over for a few years until I retire and then see what happens - would be nice if I could get my crafting to pay its way but unlikely. Scary times but exciting too. Good luck with whatever you decide, sometimes its good to have a change forced upon us. :slight_smile:

(Diane Burton) #3

I’ve not been in a redundancy situation so don’t really know what I would do but if they are amalgamating 2 jobs does that mean whoever does that job will have nearly twice the work to do (my Hubby has been caught up in several ‘reorganisations’ in the company he works for and I know from his experience it usually means that he has been expected to do the job of at least one and a half people for the wages of one!) Would it be possible for you and your colleague to job share so you could both stay on? If you do go for redundancy it might be a chance for a new start or at least a different environment (scary I know but could be revitalising)
Good Luck for the future whatever happens and Good Luck to you too Roz @OrchardFelts xx

(Helen Healey) #4

I’ve been made redundant 3 times over the years and each time it has been incredibly stressful. Having said that, a new opportunity presented itself each time and everything turned out well. The last time I was made redundant it was the trigger for the start of my crafting business (although I did continue to look for and obtain another job as well). The best advice I can give is to try and stay positive and see it as an opportunity. I wish you luck, whether you decide to go with the interview or leave and start a new chapter. All the best. :grinning:

(Helen Dale) #5

Sounds like you’ve made a decision you’re happy with. I think once I’ve really ‘let go’ it will all be fine. Nice to not be alone - Mr HbyH has a very blokey ‘que sera’ approach to life so not always the response I want!

(Helen Dale) #6

Nice idea but I think if we job shared we’d probably kill each other within say…Oo, at least 2 days! We have very different approaches to how we manage our respective teams …and they’re not compatible unfortunately.

(Susannah Ayre) #7

It is scary. For the first time I a few months ago I was told my job & two others was being put into one. So 2 of us would go. I had only been there a year (this was in June) one of the people decided to take the redundancy & the other decided she didn’t want to compete with me so took the next level down- so fortunately in the end I didn’t have to interview.
But initially it was assumed I would. I had to reapply- and I literally used the job spec and wrote a whopping great big application letter and wrote it as though they didn’t know me (felt it was the only time for them to see what I actually do to be honest!)

Unfortunately- I’m not sure it worked out for the best as I am more stressed than ever. So- I’d say- think long and hard!! What happens if you do reapply and do get the job? Do you plan on staying their for much longer? Or- does this option shake things up a bit? Are you in a position where you could just take the money and run? You’re right though- it could be a super exciting opportunity!
I wish you all the best for whatever you decide! :blush: Good luck!!

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I was made redundant twice in a 12 year period (I used to be a chemist working in pharmaceuticals) and I now (attempt) to make a living being a jeweller. It wasn’t quite the same for as it is for you as first time they were closing the site, second time they were closing the department so there were no jobs for me to interview for - I had to move on. So second time round why did I make such a massive career change? Well the industry had changed, there was less money sloshing round it and redundancies/ site closures had become much, much more common so if I stayed in pharma it would of been a case of when would I be made redundant again rather than if. I also wasn’t enjoying the job as much, it felt like we were having to spend all our time justifying what we were hoping to do rather than actually doing it, I wanted to be in the lab not sat at a computer doing reports/spreadsheets. So with the backing of the other half I switched careers, not as scary as it could have been as we have no dependants and no mortgage (and I had cancer in my 20s which is utterly terrifying). I’m not going to say its been easy and I’m not going to say that I’m making a living from it yet (profit yes, living no but its only been 2 1/2 years) but I am enjoying myself a whole lot more. (And the other half likes the fact that his tea is normally waiting for him when he gets home.)
I say take the money and run!
Good luck

(Helen Dale) #9

Thank you @curiousseagull. Struggling with head over heart - heart says hearts not in it any more, but can’t quite give up on the idea of changing the world!
Head says Can’t afford to leave and it’s just a job. Redundancy notice changes your relationship with the organisation you work for don’t you find? I’ve been there 20 years cos I love it and learned something new every week. But our new CE is turning it into an organisation that I’m not sure I share the same values any more. Am concentrating tonight on loud music and dancing in the lounge in the dark (in case the dogs laugh!!)

(Helen Dale) #10

Thank you @SashaGarrett for helping me keep it in context!

(Ali Joyce) #11

That’s a real shame. I’ve been made redundant once and we’ve all had the e-mail at work a couple of weeks ago about dropping hours or redundancies (so I’m guessing it will be twice come the New Year!). I’m a lawyer at the moment and definitely won’t be continuing in that field. I think the worst thing is the uncertainty and I find change really unsettling. Once you get over that (and you will) the chance to explore new opportunities is actually quite good fun. Just make sure that whatever you decide it’s as right as possible for you and good luck xx

(Helen Dale) #12

Don’t know why they have to drag it out so long @CalyxHandmadeJewellery. I’m even worse - I’m a control freak and (as is becoming apparent) hate change too!

(Diane Burton) #13

Maybe not a good idea then, murder in the workplace is definitely bad for morale :slight_smile:

(Ali Joyce) #14

Rubbish isn’t it? Uncertainty is really horrible, especially as you invest quite a lot in your place of work with friendships and emotional energy. Just make sure you’re super kind to yourself!

(Denise Busby) #15

I was in that position last year. There were three staff and only one post. we would all have had to apply for the post. I decided I didn’t want to do that as it meant that whoever got the job would have been doing three peoples work. There was the chance of going for re-deployment into another department but there was no guarantee that 18 months down the line I could be in the same situation, so took the option of getting out. Fortunately I was able to take redundancy and early retirement. So I don’t want to take another job and am now concentrating on my craft. Must admit not done much promotion yet or have many items listed (got them made just need to list them) so business has been slow. Saying that I have just sold three items in two days. So there is the incentive to put them on now (especially this weekend with the free listing). So good luck in what you decide to do, must say I haven’t regretted it

(Kim Blythe) #16

I was in this situation about 12 years ago…interviewed for the job and got it, but as has been said, it was like trying to do 2 full time jobs…I couldn’t cope and had very little support. Ended up with severe depression caused by stress, took 2 months off, tried to go back but couldn’t do it…ended up leaving. I have never been the same…suffer from anxiety now and only work part time, plus my Folksy shop. So think carefully before you go for the job…

(Jennie Mead) #17

I can really empathise with you here @HandbagsbyHelen. I was made redundant from my job this time last year and it was a real struggle. My husband and I were in the process of buying our first house at the time so it was very stressful, and having already struggled with depression and anxiety disorder it sent me into a real whirlwind. Plus, I’m only in my mid twenties and I hadn’t expected that I would be made redundant so young when I was expecting a long career ahead of me.

Having said that, I got a new job in a completely different sector (which in itself posed quite a few challenges as it was learning a new skill) and I am so happy there now- much happier than I ever was in my old job. Although these things are very difficult and confusing, I do think that these things work out for the best. :+1:

(Leslie Morton) #18

I would look at it as the next challenge in your life.

I started with the Council for a one year contract and 8 years later am still there. I have decided to take full retirement at 60 (I’ve been semi-retired since I turned 50) and in preparation have reduced my days to two (I always worked 3) and am now counting the days, rather than years. I have so many plans… as long as I have my health (which is improving) I will be a happy full time artist and wife to a wonderful guy. Good luck to you! Enjoy the time in your life!

(Helen Dale) #19

Glad things all worked out @TheMeadsCraftHouse. Lots of replies are making me realise things could be much worse. Must have been so hard to cope with your situation on top of other stressful things like moving house. Nice to know it had a happy ending.

(Susannah Ayre) #20

Haha yes definitely.
Fortunately for me - I hadn’t been there long when it happened and I knew I was in a fairy strong position as I had much more varying experience than the other people- but yes- it’s still not a nice position to be in. Especially when they have to come across as impartial and all professional and it just makes you feel like an employee number being bandied around.

I think sometimes though these things do almost need to happen to shake us up!! Go for whatever your heart is telling you to do- sometimes the brain is a bit too logical for it’s own good…sometimes. Hahaha