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Refund request

(Sarah Eves) #1

I have never had to deal with a refund request before and am looking for advice really.
A buyer ordered a mobile sleeve for her mum.
Her mum told her it doesn’t fit, and even if it did didn’t feel it wouldn’t be secure enough for her - it fastens with a button and elastic loop.
That’s absolutey fine, and I am happy to refund.
I am confident with my sizings and am guessing it just wasn’t what she would have chosen for herself, as it is a standard size sleeve.
While I’m happy to refund - plus shipping - I need to have received the item back first.
However, the customer didn’t mention sending back the item, just a request for a refund, so I am just after some advice really.
As it was a paypal transaction, could the customer do a chargeback without sending the item back?

Sarah x

(Linda Cooper) #2

Just say you are more than happy to refund her as soon as you have received the item back in good condition. Standard practice really.
She could apply to paypal but you would have proof that you offered the refund on return of the item,
She can`t have a refund and keep it.

(Shirley Woosey) #3

Exactly as Linda says.

And don’t forget to tell Folksy Admin when you make the refund.
They will then mark the item as unpaid and you can cancel it and you won’t need to pay commission on the sale.

Shirley x

(Sarah Eves) #4


Sarah x