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Relisited items on front page

I don’t know if this has been asked before. I’ve put some new items on and they might be on the front page of the site for a minute or so but when I look again there are loads of items put up by one person and I’m wondering if they are just doing relists. If you relist does the item appear on the front page again.

I had a llok through the forums but couldn’t find a thread about this.

Yes re lists do show up on the front page but if a shop re lists several items at once only one will appear on the front page although the whole lot show if you click through to the recently listed page.

I think (but am not 100% sure) it’s only fairly new items that show up on that section at the bottom of the front page. So if you relist an item that was newly listed say 1-2 weeks ago it will show up there, but older relisted items won’t.

Also, only one item per seller will show up on that front page section. You’ll only see multiple items from the same seller if you actually click through to the separate ‘recently listed’ page … but the rule about newer items only still applies so not all relists will appear there.

Thank you both for your reply :slight_smile:
Pam xx

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