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Renewing a listing

(Claire Mead) #1

I like to renew a couple items a day as it will usually show up on the front page. The last couple of days I have been checking and it does not show on the first page at all at the moment. I have a plus account and thought it might be a good idea so someone may see something they like. It seems a bit pointless now they aren’t going to be shown. Is there any reason why this may be?
Thanks for any help

Re-listed items not showing
(Sasha Garrett) #2

Some back ground first… Earlier there was a bit of a hooha as some people were seemingly relisting large chunks of their shop on a daily basis and so hogging the front page and making it look very samey. So it was decided that only new listings would appear on the front page but this has on several occasions fallen foul of some technical gremlins and had to be suspended for a while on a couple of occasions whilst they were fixed. Everything still appears on the recently listed pages regardless of whether there are relists or brand new listings.
So why bother… Categories are shown most recent listing first (new and relisted items) and in search results where 2 items are given the same ranking in the search algorithm the one with the more recent listing time/date will appear first.
Hopefully that clears it all up.

(Claire Mead) #3

Ahh okay, thanks very much for your help. Yes I understand if everyone relisted their whole shop everyday it would cause problems. Thanks again

(Christine Shephard) #4

I think there’s a time limit now - they will still appear as a ‘new listing’ for about a month I think, so re-list the newer ones to get them on the front page, and the older ones will still appear in the ‘recently listed’ even though they’re not on the front page.