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Relisting- does it reduce chances of Google finding me?

I’ve read that when you list an item, you should use different wording from that used on other sites because otherwise Google gets confused. But what if I’m relisting something every day with my Plus account? Is that likely to confuse Google too? Does anyone know?

If you are relisting then the item keeps the same web address and google doesn’t get confused. The issue is if google finds the same wording on multiple web pages (eg if you have copied and pasted the same listing from here to the darkside) then it tends to assume that it is looking at spam which does harm your ranking in google searches.


Thanks, Sasha! I’m just pondering whether to renew my Plus Account because relisting puts things (briefly) at the top in category searches but was worried about Google. You’ve put my mind at rest over that (although I’m still pondering as my sales are terrible at the moment!)…

I’ve just been in your shop @coatimundi and favourited a few things - you are now on the front page too so hopefully you’ll get a few extra views as people watch Strictly! :slight_smile:

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