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Renew or copy? Which is best?

I’ve just remade some items I sold before Christmas, but was unsure which was best- to renew the listings and keep my favourites, or to copy and maybe get a brief appearance on the front page, another chance of listing on Craftjuice and perhaps a new chance of getting picked up by Google. What do you do in these circumstances?

I’d copy the item or even do a whole new listing. That way like you said you would appear in front page and list it on juice craft
If I make something over I always do a new listing.
Hope that helps

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I’m the opposite and generally renew in the vain hope that google prefers pages that have been around for a while…

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I have been wondering on this for a while now and have decided to do a copy. That way it doesn’t affect your previous listing either. When I re make I often change a little something to make it slightly different. For example my owl oven gloves sold and when I re made them I did a different colour binding and contrast fabric but used the same listing and just re stocked, editing the photographs to the new version. When I checked back on my orders the ones that had sold also had the new photographs in the listing so it had changed that too, which is a shame because people cannot now see the original ones when looking at my sold items.

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I’ve just relisted a couple of things and copied a couple of things, so hedging my bets!

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It’s best not to copy a listings when listing a new item as google will see it as spam.

Also don’t renew always start a fresh with each listing.

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Sounds like good advice, Eileen.

If it’s in a gift guide I renew, otherwise I always cioy. Xx

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I usually copy just to save the effort of entering tags and postage details. I then delete title and description and start again. Hopefully that stops it being seen as spam :). Most of my things are different in some way anyway so I would have to change the description slightly.


I renew, maybe that’s not a good thing?

I do nearly always change the title and certainly the photos when I copy, Never considered the Google spam aspect - no idea how that could apply. ?

Will we ever know which way is best?
Everyone seems to have their own ideas, is there any REAL techie nerds out there who can give you the correct answer on anything regarding google spams and searches?

You do what suits you best. Google Search regardless it’s not just that which affects your views, sales. Far more important is making sure that you promote your shop, your products.