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Returned to Folksy after a while!

(AmyHarrietWoodcock) #1

I have recently returned to Folksy, alongside my boyfriend, who is also creative. We have collaboratively set up a Folksy page to sell our makes! Please take a look at our makes if you have a moment! (I have only posted two items of mine on there so far).

I also have a competition running on my Twitter page. If you ‘like’ and follow my account, you will be in for a chance of winning four of my furry animal gift tags (currently in my Folksy shop at the moment). I will be picking a winner on Friday and sending them the gift tags! So please join in!

Also, I’d love to know what you think of my work!

Many thanks,


(Susannah Ayre) #2

Welcome back. Hope you find it a success!

Just had a look at your shop- you may want to lighten up your photos. The one of the tags looks as though it’s been instagrammed and it’s really dark, and the photo of the dog card is really difficult to make out the detail.
The items look good so it would be a shame to sell them short with the photos.

Hope you find the constructive criticism helpful- apologies if not.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Hi and welcome back :smile:

I have to agree about the photo’s it’s so hard to really see what you are selling.

Also the titles could do with a lot of work they don’t say what the item is eg the dog card has nothing in the title to tell me it’s a greeting card of a dog.

You need to think what would a potential customer type into a search bar to find a greeting cards or a pencil drawing of a dog.

Hope that helps