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Reviewing items as a guest

Hi, I am curious to know whether it is only possible to leave a review if you are signed up with Folksy and that you cannot leave one if you purchase an item as a guest?

If not is there any possibility that this could change so that guests can comment too? It seems strange that they can buy as a guest but not leave a review as a guest?

Thanks :slight_smile:

At the moment it is only possible for people with folksy accounts to leave reviews. We have requested (and I believe that they are looking into it) for people who use guest check out to have the ability to leave feedback but it is a bit of a logistical minefield as there needs to be someway of checking that the person leaving the review has actually purchased the item. Obviously we don’t want random people who haven’t purchased the item leaving a bad review about it (something which I have seen happen on amazon) so there needs to be some sort of check in place.

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Hi Robyn. As @SashaGarrett says it’s not currently possible to leave a review as a guest buyer on Folksy but it is something we are working on. It’s quite complicated but it’s part of our ongoing work to improve the Reviews system on Folksy. The first steps were to ask sellers for feedback on what they wanted, and then create a better reviews page based on that, then to add reviews to shop pages and then to product pages. We’ve done all those now, and the next two jobs on our list are to 1) make it possible for guest buyers to leave reviews and 2) improve the way we prompt customers to leave reviews as so many don’t.

There are a couple of blog posts about what we’re doing here


Thanks Camilla, just read the link and fingers crossed progress will be made soon to allow guests to review purchases. My last customer wanted to but said she couldn’t as she wasn’t signed in. Such a shame I cannot use her lovely review especially as I’m just building up my shop etc.
thanks for your efforts

Ah yes I see, that makes sense, but perhaps part of an email one receives after the purchase?

That may well be one of the avenues that the team are looking into - ‘thank you for shopping on Folksy, we hope you love your purchase and you can leave a review for it here…’ type email. (does rely on people not deleting the email and remembering to go back to it when they have received the item but it might work)


That would be really good, I do hope so!

The majority of my sales are to guest buyers, so my reviews are thin on the ground. They have been leaving reviews on my Facebook page instead. I was considering using them in my “About Me” section, as testimonials until the guest reviews are functioning.

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Yes that is a great idea, I am thinking how to collate them and where to pop them. THANKS