No Option to Leave Feedback

Hi everyone, I have purchased a lovely item from a fellow seller and I would like to leave feedback for it but I can’t see how to do that anywhere. I have gone into my purchase history and also on to the listing but there isn’t a button to leave feedback so I’m stumped.

Is there no option for me to leave feedback since I am also a seller? I’m confused as to why I don’t have this facility.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Poppy try this link Feedback

Aha!!! Thank you for that, I was totally stumped on why I couldn’t see anywhere to leave feedback.

If the Folksy people are reading this, the most obvious way to do this would be a “Leave Feedback” button on the actual listing under “Purchases”. Perhaps this could be considered as an improvement… :wink:

I’m not sure if that info in the link is up to date as I’m sure I read somewhere that guests can now leave reviews too?

The review system changed recently and everyone should now be able to leave a review…

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