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Royal mail declaration forms

(Amy Archer) #1

Hi all,
I’m pretty new to international selling and just wondered how people filled in the declaration form.

The words ‘commercial sample’ confuses me. My items are obviously not gifts or documents but what is a commercial sample?

Also do I have to weigh the item before I package it and add the weight?

These official forms always scare me a bit! Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Amy

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Commercial sample is a confusing term, it would apply if a potential supplier was sending a free sample of what you were interested in hoping that you would then place an order. Since you are selling/sold the item and it has a value you need to tick the ‘other’ box and correctly declare what it is and how much you sold it for (some people might ask you to under value it on the declaration or call it a gift - DO NOT do this). As for the weight just pop it on your kitchen scales, since the declaration is in lbs or kgs you’ll probably end up putting 0.1lb!

(RosesFeltWorkshop) #3

If you can look up the appropriate export code it speeds things up going through Customs at the other end too. If you can’t find the right code don’t worry, just leave it blank - it’s not compulsory until you are exporting lots.

(Amy Archer) #4

Thanks so much for the info. I thought that was what it meant, but thought it strange there wasn’t a box for sold goods. At least I know I’m going to do it right!

(Amy Archer) #5

Thanks so much for the info. That looks very complicated! I don’t think I’ll be sending thousands of parcels yet! (You can always hope!)

(CraftyMountainAngel) #6

I always tick the ‘other’ box and have had no problems.
I always jot down the weight when it’s been weighed on the post office scales, as it is more accurate / easier to read than my own scales.
I was also advised to write my full name and address on the front of any international packages.

(Claire Mead) #7

I use online royal mail postage and it does add my address on the label which is great x