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May I just say “I think I love you”. Thank you so much for that. Thought I was going nutty for a while there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Postage has to be paid. Just as an example I have ordered 4 items lately from web sites and yes I paid the postage, all about £3.50, even for a few tiny items. But the items came very quickly, next day, or the day after. It’s a service you are paying for, somebody (yourself) has to put the package together, pack it and then post it. I don’t mind paying postage as long as it’s reasonable. If someone seems to be making a few pence on postage, then that’s fine with me.


Thank you for all your replies. They have certainly given me something to think about. I know my own reaction to free postage over a certain amount when ordering things as light as beads. Postage on jewellery is seldom onerous. I will keep in mind the suggestion that Folksy may address this in the next few months. Thanks again for all your comments, Margaret


Ref your thinking that Folksy might address this in the next few months.
I think if you read everything above you will see that we consider that Most unlikely.
Requested changes need to be made through the special channel set up for that and have to be prioritised and all changes take time. There is already a Shop Notice in place to cover what you want.
I really would not get your hopes up and would instead go for one of the other helpful and just as effective suggestions.

Hello Joy,
Thank you for your advice. I have now set up a shop statement to say that I will refund the postage on multi - orders. It is the first time that I have put a comment on Folksy Talk that has brought so many replies. Thank you again, Margaret

Margaret Just pleased to help. It is in the interest of all of us that everyone’s shop is a success.
Could I ask why you don’t use social media ? It really does help with promotion for your shop. The more ‘pointers’ you can put out there to your shop the more likely it is that people / customers will find you.
Good luck with yours anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. I tried to use twitter once but could not work everything out, so I stopped. I am well over 60, so have never had the training which younger people seem to have. So I’m going to stick to what I know, thanks again, Margaret

PS I’m 70. (saying that in a whisper)
Never to old to learn :slight_smile: (and I can’t get my head round Twitter either but the others, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are pretty instinctive).

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I tried the “free” postage route in several guises when I first started out. Sadly that has several pitfalls. Here in the UK we have to allow customers to return standard items. Having free postage on orders over £30 may get them to order more, but they can then send much of it back for a full refund. If you didn’t specify in policies that they pay return postage you have to pay that too. I would much rather have customers who order what they want and keep it.

Folksy has a wonderful clear postage system where you can specify the price for the first item, then however much or little for subsequent items. You can set different prices for heavy or bulky items (and no annoying message pops up telling you no-one will pay it). It is on the item page where the customer can see it before they buy. That seems to me the fairest way for both parties. My customers seem to think so too, as I have had more orders and more multiple item orders and fewer refunds since I abandoned “free” postage and laid it out exactly what the postage really costs.