Folksy Ltd

Scam Alert

If you get approached by this person [folksy] maryduffield004 has contacted you through Folksy: Do not sell to them.
They ask a lot of questions in their first email and always refer to your goods as “the Item”, then in the second email after you answer their questions they claim to be an oceanographer (if you google it Mary Duffield is a genuine oceanographer) they want to pay only by PayPal and then have their “Agent” pick up the item immediately. Be warned they pay using stolen credit cards and pick up the item before PayPal flag it up. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.


Thanks John, there’s a lot of similar scams about unfortunately!

thank godness i ive just seen this was going to sell her some thing today

Glad I could help, I knew this was a scam as I’ve come across this before. Folksy have now banned her and she has been reported to google to get her gmail account banned.

Hey, this scam has been happening on Folksy for years, I got a couple of emails from an ‘oceanographer’ a few years ago. It was just after I joined and it was for the most expensive item. Looks like they’re still trying it!

Gosh how sad I have been contacted by her too. I will report her.