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Search results differ on Android vs PC?

Hi everyone,

Only started selling on Folksy last week, and got off to a good start with a sale almost immediately. However today I noticed that my items don’t show up in the almost any of the relevant search results when I’m on my (Android) phone - yet they all show up fine when I’m on the PC.

For example, searching for “headband women” on the PC brings up 19 results, 5 of which are mine - like this one:

Searching for the same thing on the phone brings up 14 results… which are the same results as on the PC minus my 5.

I updated my tags today, but “headband women” was a tag that’s been there since the start.

Curiously, it seems to only be certain tags. “Reversible headband” shows up just fine on both phone and PC.

Has anyone else had this?



I use an android tablet and I didn’t get your headbands come up either. I clicked on your link and that was fine. Have you tried changing the title of your items to incorporate ‘headbands women’ maybe android only picks up words in the title. I can never understand the search engine’s logic!

Thanks @Zoknitandsew - at least I know it’s not just me! I’ve contacted Folksy support so hopefully they can tell me if there’s a difference in how the Folksy mobile site performs searches.

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