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Seller communications - no reply

Hi, I guess I am partly just feeling irritated, not a lot anyone can actually recommend by way of solution but I’d be interested in your views.

I contacted a seller on Folksy almost 2 weeks ago (their shop is not and was not on holiday) about a possible commission piece based on and very much in line with their product range. So, not a wild and out there commission enquiry. And nothing - not even the courtesy of a holding reply. I have confirmation that my message was sent so it isn’t that. How long do you think it should take a seller to get back in touch? I know that I have received commission and general enquiries and I try to respond same or next day. After all, if my shop is open, then I should be checking in, and Folksy make it easy by sending the email direct.

Has anyone ever had the emails get lost? It is the only other possibility and not a welcome one, time to start checking junk folders more often if so.

Suffice to say, am unimpressed. Not particularly cross, just unimpressed. Shame, I do try to support other artists and artisans where I can.


I wonder if it’s gone to their spam folder.

If you think there’s time you could try again with a date for them to get back to you.

or try another seller I guess.

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There was a comment on here the other day saying folksy sale notification emails have been going into spam folder so it is a possibility. Do they participate on the forums at all - maybe you could try messaging via the personal message feature on the forums then even if they don’t get the email they will get notification of a message.

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I have heard of emails getting lost into spam folders so that could have happened (I regularly check mine, delete the actual spam and educate the system about the ones that aren’t spam). Or if they are one of the people who gets lots of phishing emails (the ones from oceanographers or people begging for donations for charity raffles) they might have deleted it in error thinking your message was one of those. I’d try emailing them again or having a look to see if they have a facebook page/ blog and dropping them a message through that, the commission can then be completed through folksy once contact has been made.

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Fair enough - see I knew it was a good idea to post. I had problem once but put it down to that particular address which I was in the process of changing. Technological glitches do happen, so a patient re-try it is. :smile:

hope you got it sorted Fiona @InkyprintsOriginals, yes it’s quite possible it’s gone in their spam, I always read mine because i’ve known it happen before.

I must admit I don’t tend to check my spam folder. This thread has just prompted me to do it - thankfully nothing of any importance was in there. I always try to reply to commission enquiries within a couple of days, even if it’s one I don’t wish to take on (when I politely decline).

Cheers all.

Yes, it’s probably in spam, better check mine :slight_smile:

My folksy emails started going into my spam folder a few weeks ago, despite many years of receiving them without problems. It could be the same thing - I always check mine, but not everyone does. If they have a link to facebook or other social media, try that route, or give them another chance by email.

Just saw this thread where a shops email had ended up on a bounce list so messages weren’t getting through. If you don’t have any luck from the second messaging attempt them in might be worth contacting admin so that they can check to see if the shop you are attempting to contact has ended up on the bounce list.