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Messages sent to sellers

In the past week I have sent messages to sellers requesting that items I would like to purchase be sent direct to friends…but in both cases the sellers haven’t bothered replying! A copy of my message was sent to me so I assume the seller also received them…so two sellers have lost my business and I shall certainly not bother with either in the future.
A fault with Folksy or sellers?

Hello and sorry you’ve had this problem. Some of us sellers have noticed that emails that folksy forwards on to us from prospective buyers like yourself unfortunately end up in our spam folders and equally unfortunately when we respond our answer ends up in the recipient’s spam folder. Those of us who are aware of this potential issue regularly check our spam folders (I think I’ve now trained my email account that they are not spam and to send them to my in box but I check my spam folder anyway).
I’ll flag this with folksy admin so that they can look into the messaging system and see if they can improve it or at least reduce the incidence of this happening.
Again apologies that you’ve had this happen.

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I’m sorry that happened to you. It’s strange that both sellers didn’t reply or potentially didn’t get your message. I never had a Folksy message going to my Spam folder…I wonder if it has something to do with settings…or did you copy / paste the message and it was automatically considered as spam?

Hi Janis
I’m sorry this has happened. As you know, I received your message ok and replied, plus emailed you to let you know that your package was on it’s way to address supplied. I hope you got all my emails ok… @janda105


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It’s a shame that this has happened. I know some messages have been sent to spam for some. I hope it’s not a problem with the folksy messaging service. I have had problems with contact forms on other sites before so I know they go wrong at times. I hope you manage to get in contact with the sellers and find nice gifts for your friends.

Hello Kim
Yes you have always replied promptly to my messages, I am a very happy and long term customer of yours that is why I am disappointed others do not have your excellent customer ethics.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.
Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year


No I didn’t copy/paste, I simply messaged the sellers in the same way I have done to many others who have always responded. I grant you it is odd that there are two unresponsive sellers but it is very easy to blame Folksy but have never had such problems in the past.
Thank you for responding.

Hello and thank you Sasha.
I do try and use as many small traders as possible for all my gifts as I love to give something unique, quirky and not mass produced and of course at usually very affordable prices so would hate it if Folksy didn’t exist!
I always check my ‘spam’ but didn’t find any replies!
Best wishes

There has been another thread similar to this in the past few days. Think it would be a good idea for Folksy to have a internal messaging system like they do at Etsy where you get an alert on sellers dashboard that you have a message.


I would love to see alerts for messages and sales! If that is possible at all…


Just checked my spam folder, phew! it’s not me. Message to self, always must remember to check spam folder just in case. Such a shame this has happened.

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Hello Tina
No it isn’t you although I’m sure you sell super items…it is none of the kind people who have responded on here today.
Kind regards

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The messaging system won’t send any message with an ‘external link’ This includes email addres -
I had a query from an American who quoted his email address as part of his signature and the system rejected it. However if you have had a copy of the message then I would assume that the message was allowed through.

Im sure there used to be a message system were you were alerted on your dashboard a few years back and messages came through to your dashboard instead of your email address

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So sorry to hear you’ve had communication issues Janis. It’s frustrating when you need something sending to a different address as a gift. It shouldn’t be difficult.

I always check and double check order details, and I routinely check my spam email folder just incase somethings slipped through.

I too wish the email system notified us on the dashboard like a few years back.

I hope your experience hasn’t put you off shopping here on Folksy as we here value each and everyone who visits our shops and treasures British handmade just like we do.



You’ve just made me check mine. As my first two went to my spam folder. Not had that problem since. But when it does it’s due to our individual email systems.

Mine now recognises customer emails as not spam thank goodness.

I do hope you manage to get what you require in time.

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Hello Karen
Thank you for your response.
No I am most certainly am not put off buying from Folksy as I have always had excellent customer service and fabulous, one-off items and have several very favourite sellers ( Ali Duffy being one) who I love to shop with.
Merry Christmas


Sorry to hear you’ve been having these problems, it must be very frustrating.

I check my e-mails regularly but I must admit, I never think to check my spam folder. Thankfully, my Folksy messages do seem to come into my normal inbox but this thread is a reminder that I really should be double-checking the spam folder on a regular basis - just in case. I’ve checked it today and it’s empty. It would be very nice to have an internal messaging system.

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Yes thank you Eileen…all sorted now.

Merry Christmas

Sorry to hear, you have experienced bad customer service. I’m one of those people that check my emails several times a day!! Sad or just excited when there’s an order… :smile: :wink:
I must admit I haven’t thought of checking the spams before (just did, just in case!). So thank you for alerting me in this practice.

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