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Bit Odd ! Items added to sold items but no order and still in stock as well !any ideas please

(Hazel Rayfield) #1

I just noticed my shop has more sold items than it did yesterday, oh good an order I thought, I’ll wait for an email, I haven’t had an email so I thought I’d check my orders online, no orders listed either and the items are still in my shop stock too ? 3 hand painted cards ?

All my items are one of a kind so only one listing each. How can they be in recently sold if there is no order ? and they are showing in stock too ?

Seems very odd … anyone else had this issue ?

(Jan Ryan) #2

Can’t help I’m afraid but I didn’t want you thinking that you were talking to yourself :slight_smile:
Maybe someone put them in their basket then taken them out again?? Hope someone can come along with an explanation!!

(Hazel Rayfield) #3

Thanks Jan but I dont think if they put it in there basket it adds it to your sold items unless there is an order.

I have no order showing and the items are still in stock but also showing in recently sold. It’s very strange? And a bit worrying really so thanks for replying.


(Hazel Rayfield) #4

Any thoughts @Folksycontent

(Joy Salt) #5

When I sold something (red angel) which was not then paid for, it appeared in my Sold listings. I cancelled the order and returned it for sale - but it is still in my Sold listings with stock of 1.

Is this what you mean :


I didn’t bother mentioning the anomaly as I thought it was quite useful - gives potential customers an extra thing to view if they hit my Sold button.
I think there is probably a couple of lines of computer code missing - when an order is cancelled, as well as increasing stock levels by the ‘sold’ amount, it should also remove from Sold list.

(Hazel Rayfield) #6

Hi Joy

I have just looked and yes it shows them in the sold items with a stock of one, so I can only assum someone ordered them and then didn’t finish the order as I have no orders pending at all and no email or anything … Very odd as in the past I have had someone not pay so cancelled the order but not even having an order to cancel was puzzling !!!

Seems as you say a bit of a clitch in the code … Hey ho

Thanks for the reply