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(Leslie Morton) #1

Good morning everyone.

I hate admitting this as I am not exactly new at this, but I am having a difficult time with determining the best SEO for Folksy. I have been selling online for years on other handmade sites and have always been relatively successful but I am stymied as to why I don’t seem to be found here.

I realise that Folksy is not as well known as some of the other sites but there are some very successful sellers here and I would really appreciate some tips on how to draw buyers to the shop. I am confident that if I can be found the sales will follow.

If you can offer me advice on this, I would be grateful. Please don’t be afraid of being frank, I can take it! I really want to make a success of this shop so all comments and guidance is welcome.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

(Christine E.) #2

I’d love to help, Leslie, but as my Folksy shop has fallen on hard times I’m not really qualified! I love your mosaics. Good luck, and if you discover the secret, please let me know!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I’ve just looked at one piece which I thought might be a wall plaque of a cat but to honest the listing description was dreadfully confusing as was the tilte.

I then realized you are offering custom made but you say the mirror will not be the same as the one in the photo but there is no mirror in the photo.

You need to be very very clear remember potential customers need to be able to see clearly what is being sold and understand the descriptions.

You titles really should concentrate on what word or words someone would put into a search bar to find an item.

wall plaque, animal wall plaque

for instance what is Mosaic Pique Assiette I don’t think I’d put that into a search bar if I was looking for a mirror.

Try putting mirror into the search bar and see how low down your item comes, that will give you an idea how to work on your titles.

You have a lovely pendent but the photo shows what looks like dog hair next to it not nice that would put me off. Also heart pendent or pendent heart really should be at the beginning of your title then you can go into more detail.
You don’t need the bits in capitals at the beginning of each description.

You have a lovely little dish/bowl but dish wasn’t in the title until the end, trying to read the title was like reading a list of unconnected words and I nearly gave up. I had to look at the photo for quite a while to try and work out what it was in the end I clicked on it tried the title then read the descpition and looked at the second photo before I was sure it was a dish with a poppy design and not a poppy plaque.

Sorry but your listing are very unclear I just looked at a lovely coaster and thought oohhh lovely 4 floral pink coasters but it wasn’t until I was more than half way through the listing I realized that was just a sample and you make them to order so I wouldn’t be buying what I saw.

You need to have the made to order up front not at the bottom as most people would read the first paragraph of the description and not read the rest. I’m afraid a lot of people go via the title and the photo and first few lines of description.

If I want coasters I’d type in coaster then maybe a colour or animal or flower but coaster would be the main word yet in your listing Coaster doesn’t come up in your title until the end.

Try searching coaster in the search box and see what comes up looked at the first 8 pages and none of your coasters came up. They did come up when I put in coaster mosaic. Most potential customers might not know they might like a mosaic coaster so would just type in coaster, and if coaster was your first word your coasters would come up earlier in a search and a potential customer might then think ohhh those are nice.

How much promoting do you do btw as that’s the best way to be found. Just listing and hoping for the best just doesn’t work. The internet is huge now with vast amount of online sellers, so unless you are constantly out their promoting your work to as wide an audience as possible it is unlikely anyone will find you

Don’t forget to fill in your meet the maker section.

I hope some of this helps

(Leslie Morton) #4

Thank you, Eileen

(Dawn Sneesby) #5

Beautiful mosaics Leslie (I can understand your descriptions perfectly).

(Leslie Morton) #6

Thank you for your compliment, Dawn. You have gorgeous jewellery in your shop. Any SEO tips for me :smile: You seem to have it down pat,

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

Don’t know if you meant me or Eileens Craft Studio.

I have been on Folksy for one year but didn’t sell anything for the first two months and was quite disheartened. Sales started to trickle through and continued thereafter (fingers crossed). I don’t use Facebook but have recently tried Twitter and Craftjuice, but to be honest, I think most of my sales have come through returning customers and Folksy searches.

I’m sure sales will soon happen for you - good luck.


(Leslie Morton) #8

I meant you, @dawnsneesbyjewellery. My fingers are not connected to my head sometimes. I’m sorry!

(Heidi Meier) #9

Hello - not sure I can add anything to Eileen’s pretty comprehensive feedback as seo just simply means making sure your titles and descriptions contain the key words and phrases your target audience will be searching on. That’ll improve traffic and then converting the traffic to sales will come about as a result of great photos and other factors. Titles are probably the easiest quick win - change a couple to begin with and see if that makes any difference. :smile:

(Leslie Morton) #10

Thanks Heidi. I have made a few changes to test. I am familiar with how SEO works and on my own website and selling sites I think I’ve done OK. I think the lack of usable tags seems to make it more difficult to be found on Folksy - most of the views I get are generated from Facebook and Google so if I can crack it for internal search I will be a happy camper.

(Heidi Meier) #11

I had a review of titles today and it’s surprising how you always find something to change! Glad I did this and will do a few more tomorrow!