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Share your packaging tips here

(Stephanie Guy) #1

Let’s share our packaging tips

This is how I package my mini paintings

There is more detail here on my blog

How do you package your items?

(Stephanie Pearce) #2

Fab blog piece Stephanie!

My handmade items are tissue and ribbon wrapped and my buttons are in little ziploc bags with labels (each of my sites has different labels)

(Grimm Exhibition) #3

I sell glass items and they need a lot of padding. I bought a paper shredder and use local/daily papers to cut ip and use as padding, it might not look glamorous but its very inexpensive in comparison to loads of bubble wrap which can cost a small fortune.

(Leslie Morton) #4

I use the packaging material I receive from my suppliers. Packing peanuts are taking over my studio. I guess I am buying more than I am selling :smile: If anyone wants any feel free to ask me for some. Yours for the postage!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

I use a variety of things.

I reuse good clean quality items and the outside package is always recycled materials.

Inside I have tissue paper to wrap around things

Cards are in a little cellophane bag with is held closed by my little shop banner label. I always then place that between some sheets of used card to give it some stiff protection in the post. sometimes there’s a layer of tissue paper to hold it all together then into a recycled bubble mailer. I don’t like waste and I want the item to arrive safe so the outside packaging is for protection while inside is a bit prettier.

Buttons are on cards and arrive in a gift bag and a recycled bubble wrap bag.

Other items are wrapped in tissue paper with a hand made tag with my shop logo and hand written thank you on the delivery note Then into the used bubble mailer for protection. I hand write the address and cover that in sellotape to secure it to the package and it also keeps the address dry if it rains so the postie can read it. Don’t want an unreadable address label or return address label.