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Shop Front Thumbnail pictures - problem, can you help?

(Victoria Gregory) #1

My shop front thumbnail pictures cut off some of the product image. It looks awful! Is there some way to stop this happening or do I need to take pictures with more background to it?

(Sonia Adam) #2

I always make my photos square before I upload them - have you tried that?

(Victoria Gregory) #3

I usually crop them, I’ll try not doing what you suggest - thank you. :smile:

(Donna) #4

like Sonia @Fantoosh says, your images have to be perfectly square to fit the folksy thumbnail.
There is a guide somewhere, if I remember where I’ve seen it I’ll post the link.
Donna x

Edit - I think it might be amongst this lot somewhere :smile:

(Victoria Gregory) #5

Thanks Donna,
Looks like I’ve got some photos to redo! :smile: