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Where am I going wrong?

(Tanya ) #1

Afternoon all,
I’ve noticed that I have similar items for sale to others on Folksy but their products are selling and mine are not. Would you lovely people check out a few of my products and give me a little feedback on where I might be going wrong.

Much appreciated.

Here’s my Momatuvi Folksy Shop

(Jacqueline Austen) #2

Hi Tanya,

I have had a look at your lovely shop and I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. It is just a very competitive market out there. I see you have had some sales - how long have you been on Folksy? Your photos are good and clear and that is always a good thing. Just keep promoting and listing. It will happen. Sending you positive vibes…

Jacqueline x

(Jill Fairbairn) #3

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong…and if it helps, I am stuck at 10 sales. It is competative out there, but keep going :slight_smile: x

(Jo Sara) #4


Are you selling well elsewhere? You’re actually linking to another place from your Folksy shop front so you might be pinching your own customers.


(Tanya ) #5

Thanks for your encouraging feedback Jaqueline. I’ve been on Folksy for over a year and starting to feel a little despondent, I’ll keep plugging away though. x

(Tanya ) #6

Thanks Jill, all the best to you too, let’s keep soldiering on. x

(Jill Chapman) #7

Lovely shop and great clear photos. I’m not sure that you’re doing anything wrong. Something has changed on Folksy over the last few months - my views and sales have fallen off a cliff. I’ve been here for over 3 years and struggling. Just keep plugging away I guess :slight_smile:

(Silverspiral) #8

Your shop looks lovely, nice and clear photo’s.
As others have said, you don’t seem to be doing anything wrong, just keep it up, hopefully sales will start picking up soon

(Tanya ) #9

Hi Jo, I have my own website and I’m selling across the pond, both of which are not doing very well in terms of sales. Could you tell me where I linking from within my Folksy shop front, I’m not aware of this.

Many thanks, Tanya

(Jo Sara) #10

Sorry, Tanya, linking was probably the wrong word. You’re advertising your website in your shop banner blurb. I was wondering if customers may be heading there to see what else there might be on offer.

There was a huge thread about dropping sales here on the old forum (which seems to be inaccessible now) and that made me look into my own dropping Folksy sales. The conclusion I came to was since Google changed the way things were categorised in it’s searches, the Folksy listings have failed to catch back up with other sites when the pages were all re-listed by Google. You have to promote this site a lot more than any other, and direct your customer here. I find my own website and other shop seem to pick up search engine traffic quite nicely for me again after that brief lull when the pages were finding their place in search engine searches again (around October last year). But this site you need to find your customer and stick a link right there for them to follow in because the search engines aren’t kind to Folksy listings.


(Tanya ) #11

That is very interesting Jo, thanks. It all makes total sense now. I’ll get on and change my front page.