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Shop photos on Folksy front page - what dimensions etc

(Iguana49) #1

I wonder if someone could kindly tell me what photo dimensions/resolution are needed for the shop photos on the front page? I am thinking of buying a new camera and need one that can cope with the requirements. Many thanks! I know there’s a post about this somewhere but just couldn’t find it.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

The studio banners for the signed out front page need to be 1440 x 440 pixels and 144dpi (print press like 300dpi shots) the size and dpi can be sorted out with editing software. The size requirement is a strange one as its neither landscape (16:9 ratio) or panarama (12:6 ratio) so I doubt you will find a camera that will take a shot the right size in the first place.
I wouldn’t buy a camera/ lens specifically for its ability to take a studio photo, I’d get one that is suited to your product (for me given how small my stuff can be that is a camera with a macro setting or lens).
Hopefully that answers your question.

(Iguana49) #3

Many thanks for your help and advice, Sasha. I wouldn’t choose a camera solely on the basis of the studio shot requirement, but just needed to know what the exact requirement was. I do have editing software to sort out the size.

(Imageiseverything) #4

Any digital camera will capture more than enough pixels - even a simple smartphone can produce an image that’s bigger than your computer screen. The only thing that matters as far as size on the screen is concerned is the number of pixels wide and high required by the shop layout. Unless you’re printing your images on paper or you need to make a screen image appear so many inches across on a particular screen, you can forget about any numbers associated with dpi or ppi. Unless you’ve really cropped into an image, you will find that invariably you’re reducing the number of pixels in order to make a banner for example. As reducing image size reduction throws away pixels, it’s often a good idea to apply some image sharpening afterwards to give them the original punch otherwise the reduced image can look a little soft.

(Iguana49) #5

Thank you for that very useful information, Dave.