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Size of photo in ‘about’ section of shop

Hi does anyone - Sasha Garrett :slightly_smiling_face: - know the size of the picture in pixels in the ‘about’ section of our shops. I’ve recently redone mine and it looks really pale, so I guess it’s the wrong size. I have a resizing app but I don’t know what size it’s supposed to be. Would be really grateful if someone could help.

I know it’s 700 pixels wide but how tall should it be?

If it helps, the size of mine is 1062 x 615. That fits nicely and I originally purchased my banner set. Hope it helps x

Thank you - I’ll try that x

The photo in the about section ideally needs to be 700 pixels wide but can be as tall as you like - the text just gets pushed further down the page. If you upload something bigger than that I think it will squish it (but keep the aspect ratio the same), if its smaller than 700 wide it will get stretched. If I save my about photo it comes out as 700 by 505 but it was bigger than that when I uploaded it.

I’ve managed to get it to fit well now - thank you. x

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