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Shop Stats-stupid question alert!

(Sophie Dockrill) #1

I’m hoping this is not a really stupid question, but in the shop stats is there any way to see which items were actually viewed each day? There’s no way I will remember each total view for each day! I’m sure there’s a very simple answer, but I’m obviously missing it!

Out of interest, how many average views do you get a day? I’m only averaging 0-6 views! And I was pleasantly surprised when I got 6!!

(Kim Blythe) #2

As far as the first question, I am not aware of a way of seeing which items were viewed on which day…it only seems to say how many views that item had in the last 7 days.
As for for average views, mine varies a lot depending on how much promoting I have done. Normally anything from 3-20 but if I take part in some promoting, like Crafthour on Twitter, then my views have gone up to around 60…but some of those are mine where I have viewed an item in order to share it…

(Sophie Dockrill) #3

Oh no, I’m wondering if that’s where half of my views are from now! Just me looking at my shop!

Thank you for responding. I thought I was missing something very simple! That seems like something that would be very helpful. I wonder if that’s something that @folksycontent could consider?

(Sasha Garrett) #4

Annoyingly the system chooses which items it shows and it shows the10 most popular over the previous week rather than the one(s) viewed the previous day. If you have google analytics set up it should be possible to find out which items were viewed if you set the date range to yesterday’s date.
(and now to sound like a fortune cookie) Its not the number of views that matters its the quality of those views - I’ve had days when I’ve had views in the low single figures and sold something whilst on other days I’ve had views in the double figures and sold nothing.

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(Sophie Dockrill) #5

Oh yes, I did have google analytics before… I’ll have to get that again. Would be good if we could just see that in our shop stats though! :wink:

Very true @SashaGarrett! Wise words, haha! Just need to get those potential customers to view our shops!

(James Alden) #6

Don’t panic,if you scroll down it says your views are not counted.

(Kim Blythe) #7

My understanding is that it does not count views of your shop page, but does count your own views of individual items…unless it has changed recently.

(James Alden) #8

Hmm,not sure but if you are signed in the server must recognise your ip address and ignore it,should have thought so anyway. The print on demand site I was with worked that way.

(Sophie Dockrill) #9

Hopefully someone from Folksy will respond soon, and we will find out!

(Kim Blythe) #10

When I have a bit of a blitz and edit lots of my listings, adding new photo’s, changing prices, etc. I find my views rocket…which is a good indication that it is my views that are doing it!

(Kim Blythe) #11

There was another thread about this a little while ago…

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(Sally Eira) #12

hi - your own views are always counted when you are signed in also.
everytime i do lots of editing my view count reflects this.

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(Sophie Dockrill) #13

Ah ok… that’s a little disheartening, haha! But thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

(JollySmall) #14

I wonder if there might be something wrong with the shops stats page again?
Yesterday I re listed 3 items and had 6 items and one shop favourite according to my shop activity page yet my shop stats page only shows three views
Wonder if the system was just overloaded from all the new listings this weekend. Has anyone else noticed anything?

(Sasha Garrett) #15

My view counter appears to be working fine. You can favourite an item without looking at the specific listing (I do that when scrolling through large shops and then go back to my favourites list and look at the items from there, unfavouriting any that I change my mind about once I’ve read the words) so that would not show up in the views counter. Shop favourites wouldn’t show up there either as the folksy counter only counts views to specific items.

(JollySmall) #16

Thanks Sasha, I hadn’t realised that favouriting an item from the ‘front page’ didn’t affect the viewing stats. That explains it then.
Thanks again