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Shop views, again

I was very excited this morning when my shop views on Google Analytics went from 1 yesterday to 61 today, it soon went flat when I checked folksy views of 0. I know I have been down this road before ,but can somebody please tell me that the Folksy counter is broke and I really did get 61 views today.


mine’s working it updated last night

Google analytics counts visits to your shop front which folksy doesn’t so (it only reports views on specific items) so you could have had 61 potential customers looking at your shop page but not at a specific item. But it could have been web bots rather than actual people.

I find when it goes from it’s usual low number, to a sudden high number then back down again, it’s web bots unfortunately.
Mine goes through peaks and troughs with the web bots. Haven’t had any for a little while now so I’m due!

I’ve just Googled ‘web Bots’ - you learn somthing new every day :grinning:

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