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If you don't put a link to your shop on your profile

(Christine E.) #1

I can’t look at your shop! And I really like to see what you make when we’re chatting…

Chris x

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(Helen Smith) #2

I totally agree, sometimes it’s tricky to respond properly to a post without checking out the poster’s shop and it’s a pain to have to go off and search for it; I don’t always have the time (right now I’m spending far more time in the forum than usual because I have a yucky cold and don’t feel up to doing much else).

It does just confirm to me something that I’ve always felt though, that chatting on the forum doesn’t really work as promotion despite what many people say. Because surely the minute you click on an av and discover no way to get to the shop you would realise the link is likely to be missing from your own profile too, and go and add it? So judging from the general lack of links in profiles there are very few people who do click through to shops… :wink:

(Hopscotchlane) #3

I tired to post a pic that links to my page following the instructions I got as far as show more and then couldn’t work out the difference between the 2 images info you had to put in I must be thick but I just don’t get it and needless to say it didn’t work!

(Helen Smith) #4

The first thing you put in is the URL of the image, the one you get from right clicking on the image. Then after you click show more you can enter the URL of the listing, that’s the one you see in the address bar of your browser right at the top of the screen.

But that’s different from putting a link to your shop in your profile. You need to click on the little avatar in the top right hand corner of your screen, select Preferences and fill out a bit of info about yourself there, including a link to your shop. You can upload your own avatar too.

(Hopscotchlane) #5

thank you for replying Helen I have managed to do it now with help from my son who is much more computer literate than me lol x

(Ema Hossain) #6

good point, I agree @coatimundi
I’ve just added my shop link to my profile now, I thought I had done it yesterday but thanks to @ffflowers who pointed out on this thread, it is not the same thing, yesterday I was just putting in the “your website” bit.

(Susan Mochrie) #7

I must be totally thick, as I can’t work out where you put your shop link. Can someone tell me exactly where we do this if possible, many thanks x

It’s okay I have worked it out now. I changed my avatar and I won’t be around for a while, so my shop is in holiday mode, catch y’all later xx

(Emma) #8

Perhaps it would be easier to have a signature on posts as on many regular forums?

(Renphotographycouk) #9

I think many, like me, assume that clicking on an avatar would take people straight to the shop. Personally I do not care for the stalking feature in the profile (seeing where a xy person commented and liked) but I would find it more useful to have direct link to their shop.

(Pauline Hayward) #10

You need to go to the top where it say’s Preferences and click that then you’ll see about me and I Just put my shop name in there and now it appears under my Avatar.
Just read further that you’ve managed it.


(Helen Smith) #11

@EmmaCurtisDesign - it is something that was discussed during the test period and I believe the developers are working on it. But in the meantime it’s not difficult to add the link to your profile yourself.

(Emma) #12

Thank you, I have done, feel the fear and do it anyway and all that :wink:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #13

It’s a very long winded way to get to someone’s shop ie it’s more than one click.

This forum doesn’t have a signature bit at the bottom of each post when you can put your shop link. Like I have on all the other forums I use. My shop link is now all over the internet as every time I post one of the several different forums I’m a member of my shop link comes up in my signature.

I can do this but it’s a bit of a pain to do it every time I post This is the link people on other forums see and the one they click on to see what’s new in my shop.

(Grimm Exhibition) #14

Thansk for that, just added mine at the top of the profile. Im about to go and see if i can get to it via this post…5 minutes later. I hadnt done it right but now I have.

(Christine E.) #15

It’s really nice that I can see what you do now! Of course some of your shops I’ve known for a while and it’s good to be able to renew my aquaintance but it’s also great to find some I haven’t seen before!

(Wendy Lincoln) #16

I’ve put my shop link in the ‘About Me’ section and as my Web Site but when I use my phone (iOS 7.1.1) the information is not appearing for myself or any other user but is viewable on other devices. @sianfolksy1 is problem specific to me ?

(Karen Ellam) #17

I agree. Its frustrating trying to link to a shop from the forum without it.
I just wish the full name of my shop would show on my profile. I hate it looking like karenscraftybit. When I’m Karenscraftybitz!
Is there a way to adjust it somewhere I wonder. I’m off to have a gander :grinning:

(Myfanwys Appliques) #18

I think I have sorted mine but it might be a bit long! I will have to have a look and see.
Rosalind x

(Grimm Exhibition) #19

Ive just noticed my old email address is on my info(when I click my name on here, top right), despite updating it ages ago!!

(Heidi Meier) #20

Blimey - I hadn’t even noticed that/ realised. Thanks for pointing it out - I’ve updated mine now too. :smile: