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Hi everyone

Just wondering if you have thought about adding your shop address into your profile?

I was one of the original forum testers so did this as soon as I was set up on the forum.

I have found now we are all using the forum that it is harder to find some of the shops I like to browse as I use to before, as it was easy to link directly from someone’s name to their shop. Now when we link on a name it takes us the the persons profile page, so why not add your shop link into your profile.

Have a look at my profile, hopefully it’s easy to find my shop from it :slight_smile:

I only mention this as I am a shopper as well as a seller here on folksy so like to make things easy to both buy and sell


Art In Wax


I second that Hazel, I like to buy from folksy too, preferably from people I chat to, and would find it much easier if there were links in the profile. I put mine at the top of my profile above all the waffle about me.

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Mine is there too. The only thing I haven’t done like you have Hazel is added a bit about myself.


I thought I would add a bit in as I’m not sure if everyone goes to our "meet the maker " section as much now as that was the link from our avatars on the old forum.

Good you have your link in Pauline, I think if we can encourage others to do so to it all helps with the flow of traffic and as I say make both shopping and selling as easy as possible :slight_smile:


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Thank you for this idea Hazel. I have been finding it a bit frustrating that it’s not so easy to click through to the shops now. I am going to look at adding in my link. Thank you.

Amanda xxx

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It’s a great idea, I miss being able to click on people’s names and going to their shop. Sometimes it’s a hassle having to go and search for shops so I often look in people’s profiles to check for a link.

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I think I am going to need a little bit of help with this! When I click on my avatar, I don’t get any words from my profile come up like when I look at Hazel’s. I’ve looked at a few different ones and some have their ‘blurb’ and some don’t. So I have been to my dashboard, but can’t see what I’m supposed to do. Please can someone point me in the right direction! There’s so much new stuff to cope with at the moment!

Amanda xxx

Amanda, when you click on your avatar, do you get the option to visit profile? That’s where you can write your blurb, under preferences.

Very confused…not been on the forum for ages and now I see it’s all changed! Need to do my profile properly but for now I’m just having a browse just to get the hang of this new look forum!

I’ve tried adding my shop url where it says website but that doesn’t work.

As you can see I’ve tried adding it next to ‘EileensCraftstudio’ but that doesn’t work either.

I can’t see where you can add it
And we don’t have a signature option like most forums.

Hi Eileen

You just type your shop address in the part where you add your profile info, it’s called “about me” and not the part where the website goes.

I just typed a bit about myself and added the shop URL in the same section.

Have a look at mine and see if you can add it in a similar way.

Hope that helps


Thank Hazel I was wondering if I should try putting it there.

Now I’ve put it there lets see what happens :smiley:

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That works Eileen :slight_smile:

Thank you both Margaret and Hazel for your help. I’ve got a link on now and maybe will come back with a fresh pair of eyes tomorrow and write a little piece there too.

Amanda xxx

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Thank you Hazel. :smiley:

Glad to help Amanda, your link is working fine now :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Eileen :slight_smile:

I’ve just spotted a strang thing in some forum posts. Strange and wonderful but not on my posts.

Some posts as well as having the username also have a shopping trolley and their clickable shop name.
I want one too. How do I get one. Did I miss something somewhere telling me how to get one ?

OOOH I got it. Found a topic about this, logged out, logged in again and voila there it is. Thanks Folksy and thanks for listening, we all needed that. :smiley: