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Should/can I put my Folksy shop on hold - for how long?

(Kate Green) #1

Hi, I’m coming up to my Folksy 1st birthday and not sure what to do. I’ve only had 5 orders (8 items) compared to 44 orders (54 items) on E - I had to put that shop on holiday mode last month just to recover from the success of the Xmas period!
I’m tempted to leave but am stopped by the thought that I might change my mind further down the line and then have to start from scratch with all the listings I’ve created. So my question is, is it possible to lay dormant for a while? with the possibility of picking back up in a year or so?
Any advice welcome :)relaxed:

(Jan Ryan) #2

You have a lovely shop :slight_smile:
I like Folksy, it can be a bit slow compared to the other side of the pond but I keep hoping it will become better known and a bigger platform so if it was me I’d be tempted to keep my shop active but not pay for the plus account, keep it ticking over with just a few items and just relist whenever they expire.

You can keep to a small budget but it will keep any links you have via fb , twitter etc going. Then if you decide to pick it up again it will all be in place.
You could put it in holiday mode for a while till you are more sure about what you want to do.
There have been shops that have taken an extended break for one reason or another and reopened to run a successful shop.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

What you could do is let your items expire then not renew them or add more untill you are ready to.

You might as well stay ‘open’ while you have listings still up.

(Sasha Garrett) #4

You have a plus account so you may as well renew all your listings before it expires which will keep your shop active at no extra cost for 4 months (assuming you have the time to fulfil any orders that might come in during that time). You can then consider keeping a skeleton shop running by renewing certain listings as they expire, any you don’t renew will just sit in your expired listings ‘folder’ until you are ready to renew them be that in 8 months (ready for next christmas) or several years. (You might want to consider keeping anything that has been featured in gift guides or has lots of favourites active).

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(Kate Green) #5

Thanks guys, these suggestions are really helpful.
I guess it makes sense to relist while I can do so for free, then maybe I’ll just have a few of my favourites relisted after that to keep my shop open. I’ve been putting links on Pinterest so it would be a shame for those not to link to anything live.
K x