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Should i upgrade my account?


New to this site, sell mostly on etsy and looking to branch out.

Is it worth upgrading to the £45 package or just stay on the basic?

What are the pros and cons and is this site even any good? does it get many visitors?

Thanks in advance.


From what I understand it’s worth if if you list so much a day/week.
I stick to the pay-as-you-go because I don’t list very often, so in terms of the initial fees I don’t pay £45 a year. If that makes sense.

The plus account is worth having if you plan on listing/ relisting over 250 items per year. I have 257 active listings in my shop so for me its a no brainer, you currently have under 20 so even if you relist them every month you won’t hit the 250 figure so would be better off on pay as you go, if you add more listings and plan on regularly renewing then it might be worth considering. The plus account doesn’t get you any extra advertising or anything like that.
This site does require you to put the time and effort into promotion to do well but for me (at the moment) it is performing better that the other site but for others I’m sure it is the other way round. You really need to try it and see if it works for you.

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For me it’s worth it as I list often and because I have over 200 items in my shop I’ve often have at least one item to relist every day. So for me it’s worth it.

If you only have a few items, don’t list very often or need to relist that often then it’s not worth it.

thanks :slight_smile: so can you only list 1 item per day on the plus or can you add multiple adverts anytime you like?

with either pay as you go or a plus account you can list and relist as often and as many times as you wish.

It’s all up to you and how quickly you can get your items made.


Folksy is a super friendly site with lots of helpful advice here on the forums. If you read some of the posts you will see that what you are advised to do, if you want to be a successful seller here, is Promote promote promote.

As the "UK NO.1 Provider of scrabble frames!” I am sure you must have sold hundreds of your Scrabble pictures already of E***. If you want to continue that success here on Folksy you need to ensure that you advertise your wares and don’t rely on Folksy to do it for you. That is not what Folksy does…

Little things such as having links on your Facebook page to your shops - here and on E** help enormously. I didn’t find it easy finding your E** shop from your Facebook page and I see no mention of your Folksy shop.
If you want people to find your shop on here you need to let the world out there know it is here.
Is this site any good. Well I’ve been here since 2009 and it’s very good for me but I put in my own effort at promotion to ensure that.|

Is it worth upgrading. Now that’s a mathematical question. For me yes as I sell a lot and list a lot so the average listing price for me works out far cheaper than individually. If you don’t promote / don’t sell much then it will not be cost effective.

PS: Interested in how you prove your No. 1 claim ? :slight_smile:
PPS Good luck with your new shop here :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

With regards to backing up our claims about being the number one - I have thousands of sales and feedback from legit customers. we have in total 20 online shops in all different locations and also our own website which I drive traffic to via PCP advertising.

I complete a review earlier this year and no one came close to the number of sales and positive feedback so I can honestly say until someone proves me wrong that we are the No1 seller in the UK for personalised scrabble frames :slight_smile:

Hello Stephen and welcome to Folksy.

If you have the Plus account at £45 a year you can list as many items as you like and also relist your items once a day if you like, you pay the single fee of £45 for the year.

Alternatively you can pay as you go, and pay to list your items, the listing will last for four months (I think, please check that in the information on listing). If you haven’t sold the item and then want to relist it again, you pay the pay as you go fee again.

I have a Plus account because I like to relist my items when they seem to be moving down the pages of listing of similar items.

Good luck with your Folksy shop.

The plus account really works well for me, as I can list as of often as I wish. :slight_smile:

It’s worth getting the Plus account if you have a lot to list.

A quick query - do you have a licence to sell the frames with Star Wars and Batman characters? If so, then it’s worth stating that in your listing. If not, then I wouldn’t bother about spending the money out on a Plus account as it would be wasted if the copyright holders find your shop and sue you. Always best to say in the listings if you have a licence for using these names and characters :slight_smile:


and the same for Lego as Lego is an Trademark. Star Wars belongs to Disney now and Disney will go after you if you don’t have a contract with them. If you do have a contract with them it would be a selling point to put that into your listings


I haven’t renewed my plus account which was due for renewal this week, and my items are now moving down the pages at a rapid rate, so it seems the plus account is the only way to relist your items and therefore keep them on the first or second page of listings.

Buyers will look at maybe three pages of listings, but I doubt they will troll through to page 10, where one of my cushions is at the moment.